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Anthony Acevedo, who started as a franchisee with ANI in September 2017.

The decision to partner with ANI was right for me because I felt like the platform was a right fit and their desire to help their franchisees succeed was very valuable. Many of these ways they help me succeed is allowing me to focus on building my business and not the appointments that I have to get with other carriers.

One piece of advice that I would like to give to others starting their own business is not to hesitate. My finances and my drive to succeed in this endeavor keeps me focused enough to never look back.

ANI prides itself on the family concept and if you are looking to open up a franchise yourself and you feel having that “family appeal” is right for you, then look no further.

I live by the Nike motto, “Just do it!” I am proud to be a part of this growing company and to one day leave a legacy with my efforts.

Briseida MunozBriseida Munoz
Customer Service Representative

I choose to work for ANI, because of my previous experience when I worked in North California as a receptionist at an Insurance company.

Learning about the different types of insurance is all very interesting to me. When I work with customers, I want them to expect that they can feel comfortable enough to asked any questions or concerns they have. I want them have an enjoyable experience whether they are in person or on the phone. I enjoy working with ANI and Anthony so I want to make sure I am always doing the best job I can.

Hobbies: I love kickboxing and always staying busy.

Cristian Lozada-DiazCristian Lozada-Diaz
Licensed Producer

After over a decade in the food and beverage industry, I've decided to return to my roots in insurance. My passion lies in educating individuals about their insurance needs, and I'm eager to make a positive impact in this field once again. I have maintained a friendship with my franchisee for approximately 15 years. My sole intention is to assist him in advancing this business as we work together to elevate it to greater heights and in the near future open my own office.

I'm excited about the chance to join All Nevada Insurance because it means I get to help our clients with all arenas of insurance. Working with different providers lets us mix and match to find the perfect fit for each person. It's all about making sure our clients are happy and covered the way they need to be. I take immense pride in creating an atmosphere where every guest feels like they're stepping into my own home. Welcoming them with open arms and treating them like cherished friends is what I live for. it's about crafting unforgettable experiences and making each person feel truly special. That's the heart and soul of what I do, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I hope I can translate this to the insurance industry and make it my specialty.

Hobbies: I am a gym enthusiast. Additionally, I am deeply engrossed in the restoration of vintage electronics, video games, and computers, leveraging my background in electronic engineering—a discipline in which I hold a degree.

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