Try This Quinoa Salad Recipe for Spring

Quinoa Salad for Spring

Get ready for spring with this healthy and satisfying salad.

Now that the warm weather is right around the corner, many are prepping their patio furniture and lifting those weights to ready their beach bodies. Fortunately, you don’t have to starve yourself or perpetually eat tasteless meals all spring and summer.

Try this wheat-free, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan-friendly, healthy recipe! It’s packed with superfoods, vitamins, and complimentary pairings to ensure your taste buds are completely satisfied!

Quinoa salad with black beans and avocado:


  • 1 cup uncooked quinoa, rinsed
  • 1 cup frozen sweetcorn
  • 1 medium avocado, diced
  • 8-10 cherry tomatoes, halved
  • 1 15-ounce can black beans, rinsed and drained
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon fresh squeezed lime juice
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon cracked black pepper


  1. Cook quinoa according to package directions. Set aside and let cool.
  2. Whisk together olive oil, lime juice, salt, and pepper.
  3. Add corn, avocado, tomatoes and black beans to quinoa.
  4. Gently stir in lime juice mixture.
  5. For best results, refrigerate for 30 minutes and serve.

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Grilling Season Has Arrived: Stay Safe with These Tips!

BBQ Month: Stay Safe at The Grill with These Tips

If you’re dusting off the barbecue this spring, be sure to stay safe.

Whether you’re hosting a neighborhood cookout, family get-together, or simply enjoying the sunshine one afternoon, a barbecue should always be used with safety and caution. Burning the food and the house down is a quick recipe to ruin your day and finances!

The National Fire Protection Association recorded that gas grills have been involved in an average of 7,200 home fires per year, while charcoal and other solid-fuel grills were involved in an average of 1,400 home fires per year.

With that said, before getting the barbecue up and running, check out these safety tips:

  • Keep grills on a level surface away from the house, garage, deck, or other structures, and away from children, pets, and landscaping.
  • They shouldn’t be used on a balcony or under overhanging vines or branches.
  • Soak coals in water and let them cool before disposing of them in a metal container.
  • Remember that grills remain hot long after you are through barbecuing.
  • Do not store propane tanks indoors.
  • Keep children and pets away from the barbeque at all times.
  • Do not proceed if you notice the gas tank leaking.
  • Never add charcoal starter fluid when coals have already been ignited.

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Is Umbrella Insurance Worth Having in Las Vegas, NV?

Umbrella Insurance Las Vegas NV

Are you sheltered from the inclement weather with your umbrella insurance policy?

Insurance exists so you can clear the hurdle of the unexpected without shelling out your hard-earned savings. An umbrella insurance policy is essentially additional personal liability insurance. It extends a step beyond the limits of your insurance policies so that you don’t have to worry about expensive payouts from lawsuits or expenses.

Thus, if you get into an accident where the damages go above and beyond your limits of your personal insurance, you could be left in a less-than-ideal situation.

If you think you’re safe from needing umbrella coverage, check out the three instances below:

Car Coverage

With most auto insurance policies, the maximum amount of liability coverage you can buy is either $300,000 or $500,000 per accident, but damages in a lawsuit can easily add up to millions of dollars.

If you’re ever at fault for a major accident involving several cars carrying multiple passengers, your auto coverage may not cover enough to keep you from depleting your savings. Your auto policy may quickly become exhausted, which means that you’ll foot the bill for any remaining damages and medical bills.

An Unfortunate Visit

For those who have a swimming pool, trampoline, or playground equipment, should someone suffer a serious injury while playing, you could be responsible for some hefty medical bills and an expensive lawsuit. Your homeowners insurance policy offers a certain limit of liability protection, but anything over that is on you!

A Bite and A Bark

If your beloved pup nips someone, that person could cost you thousands of dollars in medical treatment and maybe even bring about a nasty lawsuit. Dog-bite liability can be particularly costly, depending on the damage done by your furry four-legged friend. If you max out any protection you may have on your homeowners policy, that gap in coverage could easily be thousands more than you’ve got in the bank!

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Get Involved During Lyme Disease Awareness Month

Lyme Disease Awareness Month

May is National Lyme Disease Awareness Month.

May is recognized throughout the world as dedicated to raising awareness about Lyme Disease. Supported by the Lyme Disease Foundation, Lyme Disease Awareness Month is a campaign which promotes preventative measures that can (and should) be taken against this illness.

This illness is a potentially life-altering disease that is caused by bacteria, transmitted from the bite of a tick. Unfortunately, the incidence of Lyme disease is on the rise throughout the Western Hemisphere, as tick populations are expanding due to climate change.


This disease is often misdiagnosed. Early symptoms include a rash, fever, headaches, and fatigue. Should these symptoms be overlooked and the disease left untreated, then fatigue, mental health issues, arthritis and chronic encephalomyelitis can arise. As with many diseases, treatment is more effective if Lyme Disease is diagnosed early.

The Need for This Awareness Month

Due to climate change, the number of reported cases of Lyme Disease has steadily increased. May is dedicated to educating both the young and old about Lyme Disease and how they can take steps to prevent it. People who visit wooded areas, where ticks that carry the disease live, are encouraged to wear protective clothing and inspect their pets for ticks, too.

You can get involved during Lyme Disease Awareness Month in different ways:

  • Organize walks to raise funds for research on the disease
  • Attend a show of the Lyme documentary: Under Our Skin
  • Write letters to your local paper
  • Share information via social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) or tell your story through a YouTube video
  • Observe billboards which will be popping up in Wisconsin

Let us know how you are getting involved during this disease awareness month. So that you can focus on bettering your health and lifestyle, let All Nevada Insurance take care of your insurance needs. Contact us in Las Vegas, Nevada today!

Are Your Office Snacks Healthy?

Are Your Office Snacks Healthy?

Make these simple swaps in your office for a healthy and nutritious snack.

Each business should take active steps in setting their employees up for success. From training to materials, to allowing the right breaks, employees are entitled to get set up to do their job to the best of their abilities.

Thus, if you’re supplying your staff with junk food and sugar, this will stunt and inhibit their cognitive function to do their job at the best efficiency. Here are some simple snack swaps that your office needs to make today!

Donate or throw away:

  • Sugary drinks – Full of chemicals that don’t benefit your body at all, these bottles of pop belong in the trash.
  • Donuts – With no nutritional value, skip the box of donuts for a piece of fruit!
  • Chocolate and sweets – After a sugar rush of a chocolate bar or a bag of candy, your employees will come down from the high feeling lethargic and sluggish.

Replace with:

  • Bottled water – everyone needs hydration!
  • Almonds – great source of protein and is extremely sustaining.
  • Fresh fruit – packed with vitamins and minerals, these sweet beauties will keep your employees satisfied.
  • Dried fruit – mix things up with dried apricots, apple slices, and banana chips. They are sweet, high in fiber, and high in potassium.
  • Protein bar – stock up on only the natural bars that have fewer than 200 calories.
  • Pretzels – salty, low in fat, and will hold any employee over until lunch or dinner.
  • Frozen banana – a medium-sized banana contains the needed amount of glucose for optimum brain function.
  • Apples and peanut butter – apples provide fiber and carbs for energy while the peanut butter provides healthy monounsaturated fat and protein, which stabilizes blood sugar ups and downs.

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Spring Into the Season with These Las Vegas Local Events

Things To Do in Spring in Las Vegas NV

Enjoy the spring season in the Las Vegas local area.

Looking for events to fill up your calendar in spring? Las Vegas is a hotspot for locals and tourists alike where spring marks the start of the season!

Check out these local events and things to do during spring in Las Vegas, Nevada!

  • Las Vegas Epicurean Affair – On May 26, the Las Vegas Epicurean Affair will take your senses on a wild ride. From the savory cuisine and succulent cocktails to the stunning sights and sounds of sultry surroundings, this is truly an event that offers its guests the best of everything.
  • Red Rock Canyon Conservation AreaWith excellent hiking and nature watching, this hike will ensure that you get in the spring and summer vibe – pronto!
  • Conservatory and Botanical Gardens at Bellagio – Always perfectly themed, these gardens are the highlight of the Las Vegas Strip!
  • Locals Only Beer Festival – On May 14 on Fremont Street, check out this beer tasting event, complete with craft beer, live music, DJs, food vendors, and a dunk tank!
  • Rockin Rio – From May 8 – 16, this concert brings a whole host of artists and celebrities to the scene. Transforming Las Vegas into a ‘city of rock’, Rockin Rio offers locals and tourists alike the opportunity to see the hottest names in music.
  • Las Vegas Tap Festival – From May 13 – 15, this festival invites guests to celebrate the continuation of tap as an art form by taking a variety of different classes and working on their rhythm and performance!
  • Smooth JazzFest – Are you a lover of smooth jazz? You won’t want to miss this event on May 21, complete with all sorts of jazz, lots to see and do in Police Memorial Park!
  • Springs Preserve Ice Cream Festival – This annual, family-friend festival is a celebration of community and American’s favorite frozen treat on May 21st in Springs Reserve. Children get to enjoy pony rides and activities while adults browse booths of local vendors. 

From the insurance professionals at All Nevada Insurance, we hope that you enjoyed these events in Las Vegas, Nevada! Be sure to visit us for all of your insurance needs!

Mother’s Day Gifts She’ll Love

Mother’s Day Ideas for Your Mom

Mark your calendar – Mother’s Day is on May 8th, 2016!

What do you buy for the woman who will do anything in the world for you? Put down the flowers and cringe worthy card. Think of something special that she’ll truly appreciate.

With Mother’s Day around the corner (Sunday, May 8th), we’ve compiled a list of items that are are sure to put a smile on her face.

And to our mothers, we just want to say, thank you!

Under $50:

 Under $100:

From the insurance professionals at All Nevada Insurance, we hope that you and your mother have a wonderful Mother’s Day! To thoroughly enjoy the day, be sure to contact us for all of your insurance needs in Las Vegas, Nevada.