Umbrella Insurance for Personal Policies: Get More From Your Home, Auto, and Renter’s Policies

Insurance is an important part of protecting your Las Vegas, NV lifestyle. Home, renter’s, and auto insurance policies ensure that your most vital assets can always be replaced, no matter what life throws your way. However, there are times when your basic policies may not be enough to correct sustained damage. In these cases, an umbrella policy from All Nevada Insurance, Inc. makes your personal insurance coverages work better.

How does adding umbrella coverage maximize your insurance benefits?

  • Umbrella coverage is an inclusive policy. You only need one to ramp up the protection on all of your existing personal coverages.
  • As an addition, umbrella coverage is meant to support your primary policy. That means a covered event automatically triggers your umbrella insurance too. There is usually no additional work needed on the subscriber’s part to secure payouts.
  • The payout from your umbrella policy is in addition to what you receive from your primary policy. These additional funds help you pay for expenses that would normally have to come out of your pocket.
  • As add-on policies, umbrella insurance offers high cover amounts with relatively low premiums. That means you can multiply your potential payout with only a small increase in monthly payments.
  • Umbrella payouts help reduce your personal financial burden. For example, your new car gets totaled as you’re driving it off the lot. Your auto insurance may provide enough to pay off your existing loan, but not enough to replace your vehicle. Your umbrella payout can be used to secure a replacement car. Payouts work similarly for home, renter’s, and commercial insurance packages.

Talk to the experts at All Nevada Insurance, Inc. to find out how umbrella insurance can complement your Las Vegas, NV lifestyle.