Do I need recreational insurance for my ATV?

Those living in Las Vegas, NV have plenty of opportunities to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. With so many open areas surrounding the city, residents can get out and explore on their ATVs. However, before heading out to ride your ATV, ensure everything is in place to keep everyone safe and protected. 

If needed, call our agents at All Nevada Insurance Inc to discuss recreational insurance coverage options and go over your policy details. 

Do I Need Recreational Insurance for my ATV?

ATVs are popular for those looking to seek outdoor adventures. However, they are also used on farms and for everyday work. Therefore, depending upon the ATV’s purpose, owners should seek appropriate insurance. For example, if the ATV is only used on the weekend, recreational insurance may offer all the coverage needed. 

ATV Insurance Options

It is possible to customize motorcycle insurance. Do some homework and understand the different insurance options available. Standard recreational insurance options for an ATV include liability, collision, gear protection, and multiple policy benefits discounts. 

Additional ATV Coverage

It is possible to customize ATV insurance policies to meet individual rider needs. Personalization options include add-on coverage, medical expense coverage, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, and trailer coverage. 

Do Not Rely on Other Insurance Policies

Chances are you have other insurance policies, such as auto and homeowners. Though they offer some coverage for your ATV, they do not replace the peace of mind you will get from having an individual recreation policy. Your ATV insurance coverage will provide you with protection where auto and homeowners insurance cannot provide coverage. 

Las Vegas, NV residents work hard and should be able to play hard too. Being able to get out and play includes getting out and enjoying time riding their ATV without worrying if they have enough insurance coverage. Call our agents at All Nevada Insurance Inc to discuss ATV insurance options and the many benefits of having recreation insurance.