Do I Need RV Insurance All Year Through?

If you are one of the Americans who want to explore the abundant natural wonders of our country, using a recreational vehicle is an excellent option —and you need RV insurance all year round. But if you use your RV seasonally, you may wonder whether you should keep your RV insurance all year through? After all, isn’t this unnecessary and expensive? The answer from All Nevada Insurance Inc. of Las Vegas, NV is that you need RV insurance throughout the year for the reasons below:

Risks don’t have an off-season

You may have parked your RV in a secure location, but it’s still vulnerable to risks. While your RV is off the hook from accident-related threats, it isn’t safe from dangers like fire, theft, vandalism, and natural disasters.

It may be off-season, but whether you have stored your RV in the driveway or storage facility, damages and losses can still happen, and that’s why you need to keep your RV insurance running.

It may be required

If a federal-regulated lender has financed your RV purchase, you don’t have a choice about maintaining RV insurance all year through. Your lender will likely insist that you keep your RV insurance throughout to protect the investment in case anything happens to it before you pay back your loan entirely.

Don’t cancel your RV insurance

When you think about it, canceling your RV insurance may be more costly than paying the premiums when not using your vehicle. You may regret why you didn’t renew your policy when you discover one risk is enough to cost you thousands of dollars, wiping off all the savings made by canceling your policy.

Need RV Insurance in Las Vegas, NV? Please talk to All Nevada Insurance Inc. We will take you through the various RV insurance options and the importance of maintaining your insurance all year through.