4 Tips for Improving Your Safety While Riding a Motorcycle

Regardless of whether you are new to riding a motorcycle or you have been riding for years out on the beautiful open road, your main priority should always be to stay safe. Apart from having a motorcycle insurance policy from an insurance agency like All Nevada Insurance Inc., Las Vegas, NV motorcyclists should learn to be as proactive as possible to prevent accidents and related injuries.

Perform a Pre-Ride Inspection

Before going out for a ride, you should inspect your bike. Make sure the tire pressure levels are on-point, the brakes are working as they should, the headlights are properly working, and the oil levels are good. This will prevent the risk of a breakdown as well as a bike problem-related accident.

Wear the Appropriate Gear

One of the best ways to protect yourself against head injuries while on your bike is to wear a helmet. All states don’t require helmets while riding, but they are definitely worth wearing. You should also wear a pair of bike goggles to protect your eyes from glare, dust, and debris. Nonskid waterproof boots are a good idea as well since they offer an enhanced grip on the bike pedals.

Purchase Motorcycle Insurance

In the majority of states, state-minimum motorcycle insurance is required or motorcyclists can face suspension of their license or hefty fines. Usually, the bare minimum is liability coverage, which covers expenses related to property damage as well as bodily injuries for other involved parties for at-fault accidents. Additional coverage, such as for uninsured motorcyclists, is also wise.

Enroll in a Motorcycle Safety Course

To ensure you are on top of everything, enrolling in a motorcycle safety course every now and then is a good idea. This is particularly true for new riders, as it will teach you how to handle the bike and all of its components, how to ride in various weather conditions/terrains, and much more. If you take it and pass it, let your insurer know in case it qualifies you for a discount!

Speak to the agents at All Nevada Insurance Inc. to help identify the extent of motorcycle insurance coverage you need in Las Vegas, NV.