Do I Need Insurance for My Online Business?

Do I Need Insurance for My Online Business?

Just started your own online business? You may need insurance coverage.  

Many start-ups and small businesses are unsure about whether they need insurance, and if they do, what kind. While most storefronts know that they need insurance coverage, the uncertainty comes when a business is only online. Whether you offer services online or run an online store, it’s wise to have the right insurance in place. Take a look at the types of coverage you may need.

  • General Liability Insurance

This coverage can protect your business against third-party personal injury and property damage claims, as well as advertising injuries.

  • Professional Liability Insurance

Often known as Errors and Omissions insurance, this policy has you covered if you make a mistake in rendering your professional service. If you regularly do outside work with contractors, it’s also a good idea to ensure they have their own E&O policy. This way, if a contractor makes a mistake, their policy should be able to cover any resulting legal expenses.

  • Cyber Liability Insurance

Cybercrime is on the rise and data breaches can happen to any business, large or small. If a project you work on results in customer data being stolen, you could be looking at a substantial lawsuit.

  • Property Insurance

Believe it or not, but even if you work from home, your homeowners insurance may not cover your business equipment. Protect your laptop, computer, hard drive, and entire office with property insurance that specifically covers your business property.

  • Commercial Auto Insurance

Even though your business is online, you may be constantly on the move. If your business has you driving all over the place, consider securing commercial auto insurance. This will protect you when you’re out and about on business-related errands.

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Steps for Small Businesses to Stay Out of the Red

Steps for Small Businesses to Stay Out of the Red

Help your business succeed with these tips.  

Entrepreneurs, from an unemployed person striking it out on their own to seasoned veterans trying again, must do things differently in order to survive. Even small business owners need to keep up with the latest trends, market, and stay on top of their finances. While ensuring a successful business is no small feat, there are ways to help keep it going through tough times and financial weak spots. Here are a few tips to keep your small enterprise out of the red. 

  • Look Over Your Budget

Before attacking business debt, get a handle on your current financial situation. Revisit your financial plan and adjust for unexpected changes in cash flow. Whether you work with professionals or use accounting software, tracking money flowing in and out of your business will help you to grasp a better understanding of what you need to adjust.

  • Shift Your Attention to the Customer

If a once-successful business is beginning to struggle, it is almost always a people-related issue. It is likely that somewhere along the way something broke and now there is a disconnect between the owner’s concept and what people did with the concept. If you need to, retrain your team, improve policies, and assess how to improve customer engagement and experience.

  • Evaluate the Market

If you want to keep your business turning a profit successfully, it will need to meet current demands of the time. Thoroughly evaluate the marketplace of the proposed business including the competition, demand, and needs of the market. This can help you to assess the potential investment returns ensuring that you know when the proprietorship is likely to remain viable.

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Tips for Working at Home

Tips for Working at Home

Steps to make working from home more efficient.

Working from home certainly has its benefits: you avoid a commute, you have the freedom to run errands when you need to, and digital tools make it simple to check in with your colleagues. Even so, there are quite a few challenges, too. Being distracted by domestic duties, friends, and family can result in your work suffering. To master the art of working from home successfully, read on.

Establish working hours.

This is the first step to ensuring productivity while working from home. If your employer hasn’t set you hours already, do so for yourself. It’s tempting to give yourself flexibility by sleeping in or taking frequent breaks, but this can only lead to unproductivity in the long run. Set yourself consistent hours to stay accountable to yourself and to your boss.

Identify what needs to get done every day.

You may think you’re less accountable for the work you do when you work from home, but in reality, you should be ensuring all deadlines are met and your work is up to standard because there really is no excuse. By noting what you need to do each day, you give yourself tasks that you need to complete, whether you’re distracted or not.

Get dressed.

It’s tempting to work in your pajamas and slippers, but this could hinder your work. Keep to a regular routine of waking up, showering, and getting dressed – just as you would if you were going to an office. This helps to flip a switch in your brain that you’re in work mode so that you focus on getting your work done.

Create an at-home office.

Sure, the couch is comfier to do work, but this could take a huge toll on your productivity. Just like getting dressed, working from a desk tells your brain that it’s time for work, not relaxation. You are more likely to feel alert and organized if you work at a desk, even if it’s the kitchen table.

Stay in the loop.

Remote workers lose the opportunity to pop into someone’s office, so they need to be mindful to do so virtually. Checking in with your team may mean more deliberate and responsive emails, sometimes supplemented by instant messaging. It’s a good way to let your team know you’re working from home.

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3 Workplace Trends to Help Your Business Growth

Workplace Trends to Help Your Business Growth

Check out these trends your company should adopt for business growth.  

The US job market is constantly changing. This is prompting many businesses to consider ways in which they can become more competitive in order to attract, recruit, and retain the very best workers. If you’re looking for ways to attract and retain top talent, then knowing what trends are popular will help. Candidates are always looking for businesses that can offer them more, and that doesn’t necessarily have to be financially. Here’s what you should know about recent trends that can help your business grow.

Workplace Perks

More and more people are looking at the company’s perks when looking for a job. With many companies seeking new ways to stand out from their competitors, this will continue to be a priority next year. What’s more, some of the most desirable benefits included flexible working, seasonal bonuses, and extra vacations.

Strong Work-Life Balance

Businesses are seeking ways to ease the pressure on employees to work over their contracted hours. Being overworked can lead to burnout, as well as having negative implications for the wellbeing of workers. While putting in the odd hour or two of overtime may be necessary, employers are encouraging employees to take time to recharge before returning to work the next day.

More Flexibility

More and more employees across the nation are working from home either full-time or a couple of days a week. While employers may hate the sound of it, it can actually benefit the business. Employees have more flexibility to get their work done and complete errands, allowing for a better work-life balance. As a result, the employee is more engaged and happier in their role.

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Tips for Being a Better Boss

Tips for Being a Better Boss

Be a better manager for your team with these tips.

Managing an office or company well is no small feat, but it is something you can get better at. If you’re looking to become a better boss to engage employees and better the business, these tips can get you headed in the right direction.

Spend more quality time with employees.

A large part of management is delegation, which requires problem-solving and matching employees with the most appropriate task given their skills and expertise. Spending more time with your employees in and out of the office will help you to understand their skill set and aspirations. Whether you host an employee lunch at your favorite diner or start weekly meetings with your team in the conference room, knowing your team puts you in a better position to delegate.

Give feedback.

People have an inherent need to know when they’re doing well. If you aren’t giving feedback to your team, you could be losing employees because of lack of motivation and appreciation. Include feedback in meetings, annual reviews, and emails so that your team knows where to improve in the future.

Publicly praise them.

When you recognize an employee’s strength, it helps to solidify your working relationship with him/her. In addition, you train your employees to recognize where their strengths lie. This simple act will help them gain confidence and motivation.

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Small Business Stressors – And How to Combat Them

Small Business Stressors – And How to Combat Them

How to handle common business stressors.  

Running your own business has many benefits, from being your own boss to putting your heart and soul into your passion. However, that doesn’t mean you have to deal with sleepless nights and endless headaches just because you’re a business owner. Managing all the responsibilities of a small business can be overwhelming. As a small business owner, it’s important to focus on ways to eliminate stress so that you and your business can remain healthy. Check out common issues small business owners face, and the healthiest strategies to deal with them.

Time Management

Owning a business isn’t a part-time job. Half the battle of being a small business owner is managing your time effectively in the absence of having a structured schedule. It’s important to know when you’re most productive so that you can maximize your time. If you struggle with time management, try paying attention to what distracts you. Once you know where your pitfalls are you can start to organize your day to account for them. If you need to schedule blocks of time in your calendar to focus on important tasks or delegate other tasks, do so!

Feeling Fatigued

Exhaustion is inevitable when running a business. You face a steady influx of tasks that tire you both physically and mentally. If you’re burning the candle at both ends, you’re sure to feel the effects of it sooner or later. Make conscious choices throughout the day to get your body on track to ensure a successful night’s sleep. Limit caffeine, unwind before bed, and avoid devices like computers and smartphones before heading to sleep. Set a strict sleep schedule and aim for 7-8 hours each night.

Being Overwhelmed

Owning a small business is a large commitment that necessitates constant attention and awareness. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer weight of responsibility from all of the nitty gritty tasks ahead of you. Be sure to use a planner or write down appointments, to dos, and important notes. It can also help to jot down monthly and weekly goals in order to increase your motivation.

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The Basics of Self-Employed Business Insurance

The Basics of Self-Employed Business Insurance

Set off on the right foot by securing self-employed coverage.

If you’ve just taken a leap of faith and are newly self-employed, you’ll know that being self-employed is both exciting and nerve-wracking. While you may not be thinking about risks and your liability just yet, you’ll want to ensure that you have the right insurance in hand so that your endeavor is protected.

Business Insurance

Business insurance refers to a broad range of insurance types that are designed to fill the gaps in your existing coverage. If you work from home, you can’t rely on your homeowners insurance to cover your business’s equipment and damages. For such protection, you’ll need a home-based business policy, which would cover losses that don’t fall under your regular homeowners insurance, such as damage to your business property or theft.

If you run a small business with employees, you may want to look for a comprehensive policy that combines property and liability coverage. This type of policy protects the business structure itself and any business-related equipment against theft or damage.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is there to protect you personally against negligence claims. Depending on your business’s industry and risks, there will be different liability policies to protect you. Product liability insurance is designed for those businesses that sell products, protecting the company from claims resulting from injuries and damages caused by the product. Other claims can be covered by a general policy, which provides umbrella protection against negligence and personal injury claims.

Health Insurance

Leaving your office job may mean saying goodbye to company-provided health insurance. If that’s the case, you’ll want to secure your own health coverage quickly so that you don’t have a lapse in protection.

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3 Reasons Taking a Vacation is Good for Your Small Business

Why Taking a Vacation is Good for Your Small Business

Set Up a Strong Vacation Policy 

As a small business, you may be tempted to put your nose to the grindstone and continue to work through the holidays and summer. While this is a noble action, it’s not healthy or effective. A good work ethic is important to have, yes, but a non-stop work attitude can be detrimental to your own health and the business. Encouraging employees to use their time off to benefit the company may sound counterproductive, but it can lead to a more vibrant and dynamic workforce. Here’s why.

Improved Performance

Vacation deprivation can cause resentment, burnout, and increased mistakes on the job. As we all know, rest is incredibly important. Just as we need sleep to feel our best, we occasionally need time away from work in order to perform to our highest potential. Stepping out of the normal workflow and resetting the body and mind can improve motivation and energy. Many of us feel refreshed and rejuvenated once we return to work from even a couple of days off.

Healthier Employees

People who take vacations tend to enjoy the mental and physical benefits, from decreased stress to more motivation to achieve goals. Simply put, healthier employees are happier and more engaged. By taking a few days of vacation, employees may spend more time in the office because they are spending fewer days at the doctor’s office.

More Creativity

Time away from daily tasks can allow employees time to create responses to business challenges and spark new ideas to improve methods. Without the day-to-day pressures of the office, workers can use time to reflect and see issues from a fresh perspective.

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Low-Cost Ways to Foster Workplace Wellness

Low-Cost Ways to Foster Workplace Wellness

Promote a Happy and Healthy Work Environment

Good employee health has a positive umbrella effect on companies, from productivity to competitive recruitment. In fact, one study found that employees who eat healthily are 25 percent more likely to have higher job performance. Another found that regular exercise boosts work productivity by 15 percent! While not every company has an unrestrained budget to put into employee wellness programs, especially small businesses, we’ve found low-cost and no-cost ways to help!

Arrange a company-wide run. Grab your sneakers and encourage the whole team to get involved in a charity run. Not only will this get your team motivated and moving, but joining in a local charity event will help to publicize your business to the local community. Arrange training after work and aim to get everyone involved!

Provide healthy snacks. Take a look in your employee kitchen. Is it laden with junk food and sugary beverages? Make healthier choices by stocking the kitchen full of fresh fruit, trail mix, and plenty of bottled water.

Hold walking meetings. Instead of sitting in the conference room for an hour a week, hold walking meetings around the office or the complex. This helps to get your team moving and may inspire some new ideas with thanks to the change of scenery and fresh air!

Set up a team challenge. Ask everyone to track their steps for the week (most smartphones do this automatically these days). At the end of the week, award the person who walked the most with a prize.

Offer meditation classes. While physical exercise is for the body, meditation is for the mind, which can go a long way in improving mental health. You can either offer a subscription to a self-guided meditation app, such as HeadSpace, or bring in a professional for an afternoon to teach your team how to meditate.

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Bringing Out the Best in Your Employees

Bringing Out the Best in Your Employees

Leadership tips that help your employees to shine.

Every business owner knows just how important team members are to business. However, it’s not just about hiring the perfect staff on paper, it’s about bringing out their best every day. Your organization might be missing out on a wealth of ideas that will promote growth simply because the right culture for creative thinking doesn’t exist.

Here are some sure-fire ways to bring out the best in your employees.


Open communication is important for every single business, but unfortunately, it’s the one thing many companies struggle with the most. Talk to your team and show them that you’re approachable and ready to listen. As a result, they will communicate better with you and share their difficulties in their job.

Recognize Your Team

It’s unlikely that your team will be inspired if they feel that they are undervalued or replaceable. Ensure that you notice when your team or a certain individual does a good job – and comment on it. Praising your organization can help to boost morale and motivation, encouraging them to improve.

Find Balance

It’s natural for mistakes to be made in a business. Just because one employee missed a deadline doesn’t mean that it was due to irresponsibility. There should always be a balance between criticism and praise. If you constantly criticize your staff, they will feel as though nothing they do is good enough.

Make Their Jobs Easier

Employers should find ways to make their team’s jobs easier, not harder. Talk to your staff and find out what tools, training, or resources they need to do a better job every day. By streamlining processes and communications, you may even find an increase in productivity.

A workplace is a community, one that should be handled with care and consideration. It’s your job to optimize this place for your team to truly shine.

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