Celebrate New Years with the Family: Vegas Style

Many people think that because it’s Vegas the best place to go is the strip however when it comes to bringing the family our for New Years events in Vegas, you want to stay away from the strip. According to Vegas CBS news, an estimated 300,000 visitors celebrate along the Las Vegas strip each year. Although the roads are blocked off, it is not safe for a family event.

Rather than join the craze of all the party goers take the family to one of these family friendly New Years Eve events. They are still in the heart of Vegas and offer great deals for families.

Adventuredome at Circus Circus is very family friendly. The kids can enjoy activities ranging from golf to indoor rock climbing. The Adventuredome also has 4-D characters such as Dora and Spongebob.

Perhaps the most luxurious event for families in Vegas during the New Year holiday is the ability to see the fireworks. Vegas has several firework shows and they can be seen from just outside the strip, meaning it is still safe for the kids. It is free and will surely be an experience your family will never forget.

If you live in Las Vegas and would like more information on New Years in Vega contact All Nevada Insurance!



Protect Your Company and Home Through This Holiday Season

Break-ins always increase through the holiday season. It’s an unfortunate reality that both business owners and homeowners need to take steps to protect themselves from these events. Increasing security, maintaining good company protocols and ensuring that your property is well-lit at all times are all reasonable options for protecting your home and business. 

Beyond adjusting your security procedures, you may also want to ensure that your insurance policies still offer enough coverage. Often, an insurance policy may not be covering you for the amount of goods you’re stocking in anticipation of the holiday season or the gifts that you have within your home.

Contact your insurance professional today to ensure that you still have enough coverage in the event that you do suffer from a break-in this holiday season. Some items may need additional coverage on their own. For more information about protecting your company with commercial insurance, and protecting your home through homeowners insurance, contact the experts at All Nevada Insurance.

Avoid Aggressive Holiday Driving — Santa Is Watching You!

‘Tis the season for aggressive driving. Because of this, we here at All Nevada Insurance wants to make sure you are familiar with aggressive holiday driving and what you can do to not become a hostile driver this year, which may just get you on Santa’s Naughty list!

Because there are more people on the road, poor weather conditions, stress of the holiday season and people behind the wheel that are intoxicated, it’s important to avoid road rage. Here’s a few tips on how you can do that:

  1. Don’t put the pedal to the metal. Account for heavy traffic and weather conditions and give yourself some extra time to reach your destination.
  2. Don’t make last-minute lane changes when driving. Sudden moves on icy or wet roads can cause a lot of damage.
  3. Don’t shop if you’re stressed. Never go to the local mall or to the boutiques on Main Street when you’re stressed. Calm yourself down before you leave the house. Otherwise, you will be on edge on the way to your destination, which could cause you to make rash decisions.
  4. Don’t let your focus leave the road. Don’t worry about your shopping list or what you need to do when you get home before your family arrives for the holidays. Instead, worry only about yourself, other drivers and getting to where you need to be going safely.
  5. Don’t forget to breathe. Crank your music up (not too loud, though, or it could be a distraction), take a deep breath and relax. The holidays will soon be over.  

You may be in a hurry to finish your Christmas shopping, get home and get your ham in the oven, or making it to your best friend’s holiday party on time, but you don’t want to end up on the side of the road or in an accident because of your aggressive driving.

Stay safe on the road this holiday season and contact us at All Nevada Insurance to see what kind of discounts we can give you on your auto insurance!

Don’t Forget to Winterize Your Seasonal Home

A summer cottage by the lake or a cabin in the mountains can be a wonderful respite from the hectic pace of life. But if you forget to properly winterize your retreat you could be in for some unpleasant surprises the next time you arrive there.


Winterizing a vacation or seasonal property is an important step in protecting the value of your real estate assets. Here are a couple of reminders about how to do that.


  • Water Pipes


Make sure your water lines are turned off. Drain the lines if possible, and wrap the pipes in sufficient insulation to protect them if the temperature drops to dangerous levels. Having extra pipe insulation on hand will ensure that you have enough when needed.


  • Weather Sealing


Make sure all doors and windows are securely closed, and seal them at the perimeter with weather seal strips, caulking compounds, or similar products. All it takes is a little cold air coming inside to drop the interior temperature to dangerous levels for your internal pipes and fixtures. If they have not been thoroughly drained of water, they could easily burst.


All Nevada Insurance serves clients throughout Nevada, Utah, Arizona, California, Colorado, and New York. For information on your seasonal homeowners insurance or for questions on any other coverage, we are here for you. Contact us for answers to your asset-protection questions or for a quote.

All Nevada Insurance Favorite Recipes for the Holidays

We here at All Nevada Insurance want to wish our clients and their families happy holidays. If you are looking for new recipes to serve to your family this December for the holiday season, we have assembled a few of our favorites.

Almond Bark

Almond bark makes a great gift or a tasty treat for your own family. Additionally, almond bark is gluten-free for people who need a special diet.

Ingredients: 1 package chocolate chips, 1/2 cup chopped almonds, 1 package white chocolate chips

Instructions: Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper, and lightly spray it with cooking spray.  In two separate saucepans over very low heat, melt the chips. Stir them constantly to keep them from burning. When the chocolates are melted smooth, stir half of the almonds into each pan. Drop spoonfuls of the chocolate mixture onto the prepared pan. Swirl together the melted chocolate blobs with a knife so that the chocolate is prettily swirled. Allow the bark to cool to room temperature in the refrigerator. Peel the paper off of the chocolate, and break it into chunks.

Christmas Cream Cheese Dip

This dip is perfect for holiday parties. Serve it with chips or sturdy crackers for a tasty, festive appetizer.

Ingredients: 1 eight ounce package cream cheese, 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder,  1/2 teaspoon  dried dill, 1/4 teaspoon salt, 1/2 red bell pepper, diced

Instructions: Allow the cream cheese to sit out until softened. When it is soft and creamy, blend the cream cheese with all other ingredients except for the bell pepper. Form the cream cheese mixture into a ball or a block. Press the bell pepper squares onto the outside of the cream cheese ball in a regular pattern. Refrigerate for at least four hours before serving.

Easy Cola Ham Glaze

You do not have to be gourmet cook to whip up a tasty ham glaze. This one is simple with just two ingredients, but it will add plenty of flavor to your Christmas ham.

Ingredients: 1 cup brown sugar, 1 cup cola beverage

Instructions: Mix the brown sugar and the cola until the sugar is dissolved. Brush this glaze on the ham during the last 45 minutes of baking.

We hope you enjoy these three recipes for your December celebrations. For more information about your insurance needs in the entire state of Nevada, contact All Nevada Insurance.



Ride Safely with Protective Motorcycle Gear

Although riding a motorcycle can be an exhilarating and convenient way to get around, it is no secret that it can also be dangerous. Unlike in a car, the rider does not have a protective frame surrounding them and helping to prevent injury should an accident occur. For this reason, wearing protective clothing is critical.

Riders should look for gear that has been made of leather when possible. Leather will help promote a safer fall for the rider by allowing him to slide, whereas other fabrics often grab onto their surroundings. Here are just a few items that all riders should wear to protect themselves from injury.


This will protect the head from impact and can help improve vision on the road.


Riders should wear specialized motorcycle shoes which will safe guard both their feet and their legs.


These will help keep hands and arms safe should they make impact with the road.

Body armor

This protective gear adds an extra layer for safety and can be worn underneath other clothing. It helps to protect the chest and other exposed areas.

All Nevada Insurance offers those throughout the state with auto insurance and they are dedicated to promoting safety. Anyone with questions or looking for a quote should contact them today.

Explore Las Vegas’ Festive Holiday Events

Whether you’re a local Las Vegas resident or you’re planning a trip for the holidays to Nevada’s gambling capitol, the holiday season is a special time in Las Vegas where there are several upcoming holiday events for young and old alike to enjoy.

Opportunity Village’s “Magical Forrest”

Bring the family to one of Southern Nevada’s most treasured celebrations. The Magical Forrest is a feast for the eyes featuring dozens of beautifully lit trees, a delightful Gingerbread House display, a 3D experience featuring Boris the Elf, and the kids can take a picture with Santa in his workshop.

Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Cactus Garden

This is another place to enjoy on your own or with family or a close friend or two.

Located in Henderson, Nevada this is a place where you’ll see houses and other sculptures made from chocolate. You’ll also view a light display that features over half a million festive holiday lights that adorn a huge cactus garden.

Winter in Venice

Winter in Venice is a celebration the winter holiday season that is hosted by tow of Las Vegas’ premier hotel destinations, the Venetian and the Palazzo.

Some of the special events taking place during this amazing forty nine day event include a nightly winter themed parade, a fanciful tree lighting ceremony that includes a 3D projected light show, and a fantasy inspired scene that is presented in the Palazzo’s Waterfall Gardens.

With winter finally gripping much of the nation, even Las Vegas residents should go over their home owner insurance policies, by contacting a local insurance company like All Nevada Insurance.

The insurance professionals at All Nevada Insurance can answer any questions you have about your current policy and advise you about your winter insurance coverage options.



Do Rental Property Owners Need Insurance?

Anyone who is renting his or her property to a third party should invest in landlord insurance. This type of insurance differs from renters insurance in that it covers the structure of the home only, not the tenant’s belongings. Exact coverage varies from agency to agency; however, a landlord can get insurance that will cover natural disasters, vandalism, fire and other issues.

Liability homeowners insurance is also good to have. In some instances, a person who has an accident on the property can sue the landlord even if the landlord does not live in the home. Liability insurance coverage protects a landlord from the devastating effects of such a lawsuit.

Nevada homeowners will find that All Nevada Insurance offers various coverage options at a very good price. Any landlord who wants to protect his or her valuable property investment should be sure to call the company for detailed policy options, affordable prices and proper homeowner coverage.

What You Should Know About Throwing a Christmas Party in Your Home

Throwing a Christmas party at home for family and friends certainly takes a lot of work. The home will need to be decorated, food prepared, the driveway cleared (if you live in an area that gets snow in the winter) and much more.

However, those who are throwing holiday parties often forget one very important yet seemingly unrelated aspect of party planning and that is getting home insurance. A comprehensive home insurance policy not only covers the homeowner (or renter) in case of structural damage but also provides compensation to any guest who has an accident while in the home.

Knowing what type of homeowner’s insurance policy to purchase can be difficult. However, All Nevada Insurance makes this process simple by not only offering various policy options but also providing a high level of customer service in English and Spanish. If you need homeowner’s insurance, call All Nevada Insurance and get the help you need at a price you can afford.

Tips on Preventing Identity Theft Before the Christmas Holidays

The holiday season is the worst possible time to have to deal with having your identity stolen by one or more unscrupulous individuals. Following are some simple tips on how to prevent this from happening to you.

To start with, be careful what you put in your wallet. Avoid carrying any credit card or ATM card with you unless you intend to use it. Your Social Security card is almost always best left at home.

Monitor your bank and credit reports for unusual activity. The earlier you catch unauthorized activity, the easier it is to rectify the damage and avoid having it happen in the future.

Use strong passwords for your email account, Facebook account and other accounts that contain sensitive personal information. Change the passwords on a regular basis and invest in high quality anti-virus software.

You can also take out identify theft protection coverage from All Nevada Insurance. The company serves Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, California, New York and Utah and offers service in English and Spanish. Call today for affordable insurance options that can save you time, hassle and loss of income.