What Steps to Follow When Purchasing a Car From a Private Seller

It’s time to purchase a new car. While you normally purchase a vehicle from a dealership, this time you saw the perfect vehicle that was being sold by a private seller. You’ve never tried buying a car from the previous owner and are a bit worried that things might not go as planned.

You can have success buying a car from a private seller by using the following tips.

1: Always meet the private seller in a public place during the daytime. You don’t know the person and there are untrustworthy people who will try to rob you by saying they have a car for sale.

2: Check out the history of the car. There is no point taking a test drive of a vehicle that has hidden damage caused by things like a flood. Get a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) history report through the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. Also, get a CarFax vehicle history report.

3: Get the car inspected. Have a thorough inspection by a mechanic you trust before handing over any cash.

4: Test drive the vehicle. You should test drive it during the day and the night to make sure all equipment is running properly.

5: Ask for information about liens. Liens will prevent the car title to be transferred over into your name. The history reports will let you know about the lien but if the private seller denies that one exists, you may be in for a scam. Don’t hand the seller any check. Ask them to get a 15-day payoff from the bank lender and pay the lender directly, according to US News. This method will also ensure that the title will be in your name.

6: Negotiate a purchase price and complete the paperwork. Again, never hand over any money to the private seller until all the paperwork is completed. So ensure you have the title in your name and the registration is transferred before they get the check and you get the car keys.

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Cinco de Mayo Fundraiser for a Worthy Cause That’s Dear to Our Hearts

We are proud to be partners with AM Volunteers and couldn’t be happier about the success we have had in putting together an amazing fundraiser that will benefit Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Nevada directly. Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Nevada is one of the best non-profit support groups made to help kids with cancer and their families.

For Cinco de Mayo this year, we are putting on a fundraiser that will be fun for the entire family. We’re celebrating Saturday, May 3, and the fundraiser will get going at 11:00 a.m. We will have Vegas booths on location between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. With any donation, you’ll get a free picture!

In addition, we’ll have snow cones (from none other than Raspados!), mouth-watering food (BBQ from Rollin Smoke Barbeque), popcorn and lots of balloons! It’s an event that the entire family can truly enjoy while doing a good deed.

Our primary goal is to raise money for Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Nevada so that they can continue making a difference in the lives of children with cancer and their families. We believe this is one of the greatest causes in Nevada and are incredibly happy to be a part of it. Please come out, join us for some family fun and help us raise funds and awareness for the Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Nevada.

For more information regarding our Cinco de Mayo fundraiser, please contact All Nevada Insurance.

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Inventory Tips: How to Check, List and Protect Your Personal Property

A personal property inventory can help you determine whether you have all the insurance coverage you need. Here’s how to create and maintain a checklist your possessions:

1) Start with a basic list of what you own and how much it is worth. If items appear valuable, but you’re not sure of their worth, have them appraised.

2) Be sure to include items kept in safe deposit boxes, storage facilities. Make sure to check drawers, closets, basements, crawlspaces and attics.

3) Take a video camera through each room of your residence. Filming possessions can help you verify ownership in the event of a disaster or theft.

4) Keep receipts for big ticket items.

5) Update your list when you make major purchases or receive expensive gifts.

6) Make several copies of the inventory and video. Store at least one outside your home – in a safe deposit box or as a virtual copy online.

Remember that your homeowners policy may exclude some expensive items, or limit reimbursement to below replacement value. An independent insurance agent can help you obtain additional coverage for your heirlooms and most valuable items.

All Nevada Insurance can help Las Vegas residents with their homeowners insurance and renters insurance needs. To learn more, contact us.

Commercial Insurance: Do You Have Enough For Peak Season?

Granted, when you own a business, having commercial insurance is a given. You have to have it to protect you and your business in case of an accident or a disaster. Not only do you have to have coverage to protect your workers as well as your customers but you have to have it to protect your inventory as well. However, when you’re in the middle of your busiest time of year, do you actually have enough commercial insurance coverage to truly protect you financially?

When you first set up your commercial policies, you set up values for inventory, workman’s compensation, liability, et cetera and so on. However, as your business has grown, especially during your peak season for business, the amount of these coverages may not be enough. That means if accidents happen or you have a fire happens that costs more than the insurance policies will cover, you could be personally financially liable for the remaining amount. This could be a personal disaster as well as a business disaster.

Working with a great company like All Nevada Insurance in the Las Vegas area will make sure you have all the business insurance coverage you need. Contact them today for a quote about updating your commercial insurance coverage, especially if you’re heading into your peak business season. You want to avoid disasters and having the right coverage makes sure a financial disaster doesn’t happen.

Springtime Boat Check

Has your boat been out of commission for the winter? Whether you sail or drive, these tips can help you get your craft ready in time for warm weather.

1. If you have a powered craft, check the engine and props for signs of decay and corrosion. If you’re not sure what to look for, have a qualified boat mechanic perform an inspection.

2. If you have a sailboat, check the rigging and fittings for cracks, rough spots or rust. Inspect the sail cloth for holes, tears or frayed areas.

3. Make sure belts, cables, hoses and clamps fit closely and show no signs of wear or brittleness.

4. Inspect the hull for cracks, thin spots or blisters. Have the hull repainted, sanded and filled as needed.

5. Check all life preservers and other safety equipment for damage or decay.

6. Make sure stoves and any other electrical equipment is held firmly in place and shows no sign of corrosion.

7. Refill or replace fire extinguishers. Be sure you have the recommended extinguishers for your boat.

8. Top off or replace all fluids, including steering, engine oil, power trim reservoirs and coolant.


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Tomato Tulip Recipe

With the coming of spring, you may be ready to stop eating the comfort food and start adding some lighter, fresher fare to your diet. This recipe for Tomato Tulips is the just as pretty as it is tasty. The tulips will also add a bit of color and interest to your Easter dinner table.

Tomato Tulips

12 grape tomatoes, washed

8 ounces cream cheese, softened

1/4 cup minced sweet onion

1 tsp salt

13 green onion tops, washed and dried

In a small bowl, blend the cream cheese, salt, and sweet onion. Set the cream cheese mixture aside.

With a sharp knife, cut a cross in each tomato, extending 3/4 down the length of the tomato. Don’t cut all the way through the tomato. Remove the seeds from the interior of the tomato with a melon baller or a spoon. Gently press the tomato so that it will open up, creating a hollow in the center of the tomato. Fill the hollow with a spoonful of the cream cheese mixture. Cut a small slit in the bottom of each tomato. Insert a green onion into the bottom of each tomato to make a "stem" for the tomato tulip. Arrange the tomato tulips on a platter, and tie the stems together with the extra green onion top.

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Turned Down? These Tips Can Help You Find — and Rent — a Great Home

Feeling discouraged because your rental application was turned down? Here are some tips to help you find a rental home where you’ll feel welcome:

1. Understand the landlord’s position. Renters want the best possible place to live. Landlords want tenants who will pay the rent reliably and on time. If your income indicates you’ll struggle with budget issues in a higher priced dwelling, landlords are unlikely to give you the nod.

2. Be ready and willing to pay up front. Make it clear to the landlord or rental agent that you can pay the security deposit, credit check, first months rent, parking fees and any other upfront costs before you move in.

3. Know your credit history and be prepared to explain any blemishes. If you have past rental defaults, you’ll probably have to face some tough questions. If you have other credit problems, explain how you are managing them.

4. Be open and honest. If you attempt to hide credit issues or misrepresent your financial status, you may lose a fair chance to rent the property you like, and may find that the landlord is unwilling to consider an application in the future after your financial status improves.

All Nevada Insurance can help Las Vegas residents with their renters insurance and other coverage needs. To learn more, contact us.


Marriage, Work and Safety: Three Big Changes that Could Lower Your Auto Insurance Costs

Did you know that changes in your life and upgrades to your vehicle could save you money on your auto premiums? Here’s how:

If you add your spouse to your insurance policy, the rates you both pay could go down. Insurance companies view married couples as more stable and likely safer drivers.

Job Changes

Your insurance rates depend in part on how much you use your vehicle. If a job change means you commute fewer miles each day, or take public transportation, let your insurance company know.

Safety Upgrades
If you add a security system or update a safety feature (anti-lock brakes, airbags) on your vehicle, your insurance company may offer a discount.

Smoking Cessation

Insurance companies rate smokers as higher risks (yes, this applies to vehicle as well as health and life insurance). Notify your insurer if you stop smoking, and be prepared to offer evidence, such as a certificate from a smoking cessation course or nicotine patch prescription.

If you’d like to save more money on auto insurance, be sure to keep your insurer informed about

The amount of discounts can vary depending on your age, location, vehicle and driving history. An independent insurance agent can help you explore available discounts, and choose the best coverage for your needs.

All Nevada Insurance can help Las Vegas residents with their car insurance needs. To learn more, contact us.

Vegas Gets Up Early for Autism with 5th Annual 5K Race and Fun Walk

When people from outside of the area think of Las Vegas their minds often jump to flashing slot machines, extravagant Vegas shows, and generous hotel buffets. Those of us who live in Las Vegas know the city has much more to offer than that, and so do the people. This becomes especially evident when you consider local events such as the 5th Annual 5K Race for Hope and Fun Walk which is being held this year on Saturday, April 26 from 7 a.m. to noon.

Every year thousands gather in Town Square in order to participate in the race. The $35 entry fee goes to help the 6000+ children Nevada who live with autism through community outreach, diagnostic, and support services.

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Everything’s Better In Vegas–April 2014 Events

You know what they say… what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. But when you attend these April 2014 events, we’re betting you’ll want to tell everybody.

  • Clark County Fair & Rodeo: April 10 – 13, 2014 at the Clark County Fairgrounds. Ticket prices are $9 for adult tickets, $7 for both senior adults and children. The Clark County Fair gets started at 10 AM each day and lasts well into the evening.
  • 22nd Annual Las Vegas City of Lights Jazz and R&B Festival: Come out to the Clark County Government Amphitheatre on April 25 – 27, 2014 for the best in jazz and rhythm and blues artists. Tickets to this popular event cost either $95 or $155 for adults, $25 for ages 13 – 17, children 12 and under get in free.
  • Brian McKnight: One night only, April 5th at 8:30 PM, R&B crooner Brian McKnight takes the stage at the Eastside Cannery Casino Hotel. Tickets range from $19.95 – $45.95.
  • Britney: Piece of Me: Britney Spears’ highly-publicized concert series runs from April 25 to May 17, 2014 at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. Tickets range from $66.50 – $194 each.

You’ll probably travel to these events in your automobile (or a rental); therefore, allow the experienced insurance professionals at All Nevada Insurance to review your coverage and provide you with a free, no-obligation auto insurance quote. Contact them today!