A Short Guide to Recreational Insurance

Do you own an RV, ATV, camper, or other off-road vehicles in Las Vegas NV? If not, are you thinking about getting one of these recreational toys? If so, you’ll need recreational insurance, but you may be asking yourself what that is and what it covers. Read on to learn more about this type of policy, put together by All Nevada Insurance Inc.  

There is some confusion around recreational insurance, but let’s clear that up now. Recreational insurance covers just that – those vehicles you use for recreation but can be insured through an existing auto or homeowner’s policy. 

Recreational Insurance through an Auto Policy

Purchasing a recreational insurance policy through your auto insurance is an easy way to secure a policy. This plan covers any physical damage to your ATV, RV, or other recreational vehicles. It will also pay for the worth of the vehicle if it should become lost or stolen. To cover other costs, like vandalism and damage caused by mother nature, you can opt for full coverage. If an accident were to occur, this policy would cover bodily injury, personal injury, and medical payments as well. 

Recreational Insurance through a Homeowner’s Policy

In general, you can purchase a recreational policy through your homeowner’s insurance when the vehicle, such as a camper, does not go on the public highway. This excludes any campers you take on road trips. Furthermore, this insurance plan covers general liability and medical bills and works similarly to any homeowner’s insurance policy where you would need to pay your premiums and file a claim if there is one. 

To learn more about purchasing a recreational insurance policy in Las Vegas, NV, contact the team at All Nevada Insurance Inc. Our friendly agents are standing by to help you find the best policy for a price you can afford.