Paid Mortgage

A home is one of the biggest investments that most people will ever make.  However, unlike most other big investments, your home is one of the few that may cost you substantially more than what you initially invested into it (considering all of the extra money you pay out due to the interest on the loan).  There are several strategies in lowering these extra costs; consequently you will be paying off the loan faster.

Since interest is based on time, you can actually cut back the total cost of your loan by paying more often, even without paying more money.  In other words, pay half of your regular mortgage payment every two weeks rather than the entire amount once a month.  This reduces the principle more often so the total interest generated is less.

Another sure way to reduce the duration of your mortgage is to pay extra each month.  An extra $50 each month can make a noticeable difference in your loan duration.  Another way is to add an extra payment at the end of the year (13 payments throughout the year versus 12 payments).  This lumps a large amount into one payment, unlike the smaller payments over a longer time, making this method less desirable to most people.  To find out more check out the monthly loan calculator on

Las Vegas Summer Fun Line-Up Starts with Comics, Art and MMA

Las Vegas is certainly known for its casinos, but there is no shortage of things to do around the city that provides fun for every age. The desert heat can make you just want to hit the nearest pool, but keep these events in mind when you are exploring all Las Vegas has to offer this summer.

  • Comic book fans can reunite at the return of Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con June 20th-22nd. The three-day event gives everyone a chance to meet their favorite comic book creators and celebrities. Come dressed as your favorite character and enjoy the exhibitors hall, video game arena, and plenty of parties.
  • All art lovers can meet for First Fridays at Arts Factory where more than 100 artists will have their work on display. The event is held on the first Friday of every month and is free and open to the public. Check out your favorite art medium in the downtown Arts District and enjoy food, drink and shopping as well.
  • Interested in mixed martial arts? Join the thousands of attendees that will be at UFC Fan Expo held at Mandalay Bay taking place July 5th and 6th. There will be over 150 vendors, fighter autograph and training sessions, as well as a chance to interact with icons from the MMA industry. The event will also include martial art tournaments, contest, and live performances of Las Vegas talent. Tickets are $45 for Saturday, $40 for Sunday or go both days and get the combo package for $60.

Casino shows, circus acts, and city festivals will also be taking place all summer long. Mark your calendars for endless fun in the city this summer.

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Vegas Real Estate Upgrades that Pay for Themselves

You don’t have to be a real estate expert to spot one of the most dominant trends in today’s industry. Simply browsing the front page of Pinterest or spending a few minutes channel-surfing will tell you that renovations are on every homeowner’s wish list this year. 

The housing crisis lowered mortgage rates to unprecedented levels, which was bad news for those with underwater mortgages but brilliant news for interior designers, contractors and real estate agents whose clients were interested in flipping these homes for a profit. 

According to the former president of the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors (GLVAR), Vegas homeowners have caught onto the nationwide trend. ?Certain upgrades offer particularly high returns on your investment, such as:

  • Kitchen upgrades that incorporate modern appliances/fixtures
  • Bathroom upgrades that replace outdated plumbing
  • Room additions (bedroom, bathroom, den, etc.) that increase total square footage

While modernizing an essential room is a surefire way to elevate an otherwise functional home, there are some smaller updates, upgrades and flourishes that also stand the test of time and pay for themselves in the long run. Less expensive Vegas home renovations that retain their original value include:

  • Fresh paint (usually replacing dark shades with lighter shades, to open up spaces and avoid outdated trends)
  • New carpeting
  • New countertops
  • Tile accents
  • Brushed aluminum accents

Whether you’re buying and selling a property right away or just looking for practical ways to spruce up your longtime residence, it’s important to make sure your investment is a sound decision. Some people succumb to the temptation to spend thousands on extensive renovations while ignoring structural issues altogether. Others fixate on small details that add up, rather than addressing entire rooms that need to be updated.

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IRA 101

An IRA is a good way to put money aside for retirement, and since anyone may open up an IRA account, it’s an easy way to start preparing.  There are two different IRA types; the Roth and Traditional.  Roth IRAs are funded by after tax dollars, and all gains from the IRA are then tax free.  Traditional IRAs are funded via pretax dollars which means you have to give

Uncle Sam his share when it comes time to receive the gains.  The good part of a Traditional IRA is that the contributions may be tax deductible the year of the contribution.  In other words, it reduces your total taxable income for that year!

Remember, the two key concepts here are time and amount.  The longer you give the money to grow, the more you will have.  You need to make sure that the total from all sources is enough to live on for a long time.  Life expectancies keep going up, but retirement age is still 65.  You never know how long you need retirement money, and the last thing a retired person wants to do is go back to work because they have to, not just cause they want to.

Life Insurance

For many people, life insurance is nothing more than a monthly expense you’ll never see a benefit from, since by the time it becomes useful, it is a bit late for you to enjoy your new found wealth.

In an attempt to remove this common way of thinking, we would like to take this time to introduce you to a valuable use of life insurance.  Loans, that’s right, loans.  Now of course a term policy has no cash value so it can’t serve the same purpose.  However, a whole/permanent life policy with its wonderful cash value account can be used to finance nearly anything.

It is kind of like being able to give yourself a loan.  Think of it like this…….if you take a loan for any purpose, we’ll just say a car for now, what are you left with after you pay it off?  You have used car.  What if you had given yourself the loan?  Not only do you get the car, but you get your money back as well.  A life insurance policy can be a benefit, not only in the event of death, but also while you are alive as well.  For more information, please contact us.

Ways to Prolong the Life of your Motorcycle

If you’re a frequent bike rider, chances are you want to keep your bike in tip-top condition as long as you can. Riding a bike doesn’t just mean regular maintenance … having adequate motorcycle insurance coverage is also a big part of ensuring the longevity of your bike. Here are a few other quick ways to get the most out of your insurance policy while preserving your bike:

  • Keep your valves and gears lubed properly.

Just like a car, proper lubing will keep all working parts running smoothly.

  • Wash your bike regularly

Frequent riders acquire quite a bit of dirt and gunk from the road. Keeping your bike clean will keep the dirt and sand from getting into the internal parts of your motorcycle.

  • Change the oil and do regular maintenance on time.

Bikes are different from cars and require a little bit more “hands-on” maintenance. Keep your bike on a regular schedule for consistency.

  • Check the pipes

Check your pipes frequently to make sure they are not clogged or rusting.

  • Store it properly

Proper storage of your bike can work wonders. If you use a cover to keep it away from the elements, you preserve not only the paint, but will keep those important parts that can be exposed safe from harm.

  • Start it up at least once a week

Make sure you start your bike at least once a week to keep the parts oiled and in good condition.

These tips will help you prolong the life of your motorcycle, which will help when getting or renewing your insurance. If you need additional tips or have questions in the Nevada area, contact All Nevada Insurance today!

Home Renovations that Pay Off

Home renovations can make a huge difference when considering putting your home on the market, or making improvements for more comfortable surroundings. When attempting to increase the value of your home, there are a number of things you can do. First, taking the time to research renovations that have lasting value would be key. Little details matter. Some of the most popular renovations that can provide a quick return on your investment would be renovating kitchens, bathrooms, creating multipurpose rooms, or making spaces that have proven to be popular, such as changing a dining room to an office. These types of changes can be altered to function as you see fit whenever you need them. When planning home renovations, checking your insurance policy to change your coverage is important. You want to make sure your home is covered during your renovations, increasing the value of your current policy after the work is done. This will ensure your home is protected in case of loss or damage, and you will not have any lapses. To get ideas on home renovations that will give you the best bang for your buck, speak to a real estate and insurance agent. They will be able to guide you to resources that will show you the trends, what styles, colors, types of tile, and other specific finishes that will be relevant to your improvements. Knowing how to proceed makes a huge difference in your planning and associated costs. For more information on home improvements that pay off in Nevada, contact All Nevada Insurance for the best advice on home protection and insurance options.

Don’t Fall Victim to Car Theft

Car theft is a major problem across the nation. Most people believe that car thefts happen when someone confronts them and demands for their keys. Yet in actuality, more car thefts occur during burglaries where the thief steals the keys from the home. In addition, people sometimes leave the keys in the ignition when running into the store for a few minutes, giving a car thief quick access to the vehicle.

You don’t have to become a victim of car theft. Use the following tips to lessen the likelihood of your car being stolen.

Keep valuables out of sight. When a thief doesn’t see anything interesting in your car, they won’t be tempted to break into it to get at your purse, handbag or cell phone.

Be careful where you park. Avoid dark, unlit streets that makes it tempting for a car thief to break into your vehicle. Also, try to avoid parking near shrubbery or other obstacles that block your view of the vehicle.

Never leave the keys in the car. You are basically hanging a sign in the windshield saying, “Steal me.” Also, stow your keys in a place where a burglar can’t get to them if your home is broken into.

Always lock doors and windows. Don’t make it easy for your car to be stolen. With the way key fobs are made today to set an alarm and lock the doors, there isn’t any reason to welcome thieves into your car.

Get anti-theft equipment. Older vehicles that don’t have car alarms as standard equipment should be equipped with anti-theft equipment. Most car part stores will have a wide range of products to choose on based on your budget such as gear-stick locks, tracking devices and immobilizers.

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Fun Ways to Beat the Las Vegas Heat

Summer is coming, and Nevada residents know that summer means hot weather. Before the weather gets too hot, you may want to start planning some ways to beat the Las Vegas heat.

Circus Circus

If you love amusement parks, but sweating outdoors while standing in line all day is not your style, you can head over to Circus Circus at the Adventuredome. This indoor amusement park includes fun for the whole family, with clown shows, games, miniature golf, and amusement park rides.

Hotels with Water Features

If you prefer to remain outdoors but still need to cool off, you can book a room at one of the popular Las Vegas hotels that have lazy river water features, wave pools, and cooling fountains. If you are a guest, you may be able to invite a friend to join you for some fun in the sun. The Monte Carlo, Mandalay Bay, and Wynn Las Vegas all have first class water features, but there are other hotels with amazing pools in Las Vegas as well.

Minus5 Ice Lounge

The Midtown Hilton offers a novel way to cool off when temperatures hit triple digits. The Minus5 Ice Lounge is named for the temperature of the bar. This popular lounge is kept at negative 5 degrees Celsius or 23 degrees Fahrenheit. The glasses, walls, chairs, and bar are all carved out of solid ice.

Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Garden

At the Bellagio hotel, you can enjoy gorgeous displays of nature without sweating a drop. The expert gardeners at the Bellagio display botanical specimens from all over the world. The exhibits feature bridges, gazebos, ponds, and water features, bringing the beauty of the outdoors indoors. One of the best things about enjoying the conservatory and botanical garden is that you can enjoy the beauty for no charge. While you are at the Bellagio, you should take the time to watch one of their water fountain shows, also free to the general public with shows every half hour Monday through Friday.

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