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Should Your Spouse Get Life Insurance?

Spouse Get Life Insurance

Do you and your spouse have enough life insurance as a family?

While talking about death is low on everyone’s list of things to do, when it comes to purchasing insurance, it’s a must. It may particularly be unpleasant if your spouse is talking about the aftermath of their death. However, because you have family members who are dependent on you and the income you provide, you probably need life insurance.

Who needs a policy?

When considering life insurance options, it’s simplest to think about what your family would need if you were to die unexpectedly. In many cases, this means that a vital income is lost. If one partner brings in the majority of the family’s insurance, life insurance should be able to replace the lost wages. If the surviving partner is a stay-at-home parent, the life insurance plan may be able to help with child care, transportation, and housekeeping expenses.

How much should I buy?

You can buy as much insurance as you want. However, it’s important to keep your family in mind so that they are adequately covered in the event of your death.

Many different considerations will determine how big a policy to buy:

  • How long it will take for the surviving partner to get to retirement or self-sufficiency
  • How long children may be dependent on the parents
  • The cost of college for the children
  • Household expenses
  • Debt

Bear in mind that even if your spouse has a life insurance policy through work, it may not be sufficient for your family’s needs. Review the coverage, and you may opt to purchase additional protection.

Making these decisions can be complicated. Work with a financial planner at All Nevada Insurance who can help you find the right policy for your family’s needs. We provide residents in Las Vegas and cities in Nevada with reliable insuranceContact us today to get started on your tailored policy!

How to Conduct a Home Inventory

Conduct a Home Inventory

Simplified steps for creating your home inventory!

You may think that you know exactly what is in your home. However, when it comes to the aftermath of a disaster, and you have to list which items you’ve lost, valuing your personal property from memory is harder than you think.

For this reason, home insurers ask homeowners to complete a thorough home inventory of all possessions. By having a physical list and photographic evidence of home contents, insurers can accurately match coverage to the value of items. In addition, filing a claim is made that much simpler! Here’s how to get started.

Put It On Paper
Write down a list of all of your belongings. The written description should include the date of purchase, original cost, and any improvements. Write down serial numbers for TVs, computers, and electronics, as well as keeping receipts along with the paperwork. As you sell or buy new belongings, ensure to add or remove the items from this list.

Shoot It
If you have a video camera, use it to establish additional documentation of your home and belongings for insurance purposes. Recording valuable items may be used as evidence in the case of theft, fire, or damage. As a rule of thumb, scan all rooms, shoot close-ups of all valuable items, and provide auto-commentary of details that may not be visually apparent. Store this tape in a locked file cabinet and upload it so that you have a digital copy.

Store It
Once you’ve captured all of your belongings on video and paper, you’ll want to store these files safely. If your home burns down, a home inventory will be of little use if it burns down with it. First, make a digital copy of both and email them to yourself. Secondly, keep the papers and video film in a fireproof box safely in the home or outside of the property.

Update It
Once you have established a complete inventory of your property, it should be easy to update it periodically.

Now that your home inventory is complete, contact All Nevada Insurance to secure the right homeowners insurance for your needs in Las Vegas, Nevada.

How to File a Commercial Auto Insurance Claim

File a Commercial Auto Insurance Claim

Stay ahead of the game by knowing how to handle a claim.

If you’re a business owner, you or your employee may drive every day. No matter how you and your team use your commercial vehicle or fleet, you could be at risk in the event of accidents on the road. When an incident happens, knowing how to file a commercial auto insurance claim will help you to save valuable time!

Check for injuries

Immediately following the crash or impact, check the people involved for injuries, and contact the appropriate authorities.

Gather information

Next, you’ll want to write down information to relay to your insurance company when making a claim:

  • The names of everyone involved in the accident
  • All vehicle license plate numbers and car information
  • The insurance information from all other drivers involved
  • All accident specifics that you can remember

It’s a good idea to take pictures of all vehicles involved, damage caused, and to jot down notes about what happened. This information could be helpful during the claims process.


If the accident is minor and caused no damage, evaluate whether it’s worth calling your insurance company to file a claim. If the cost of the damage is lower than your deductible, it may be more cost effective to pay for the damage out of pocket.


When you’re ready to file your claim, call your dedicated insurance agent who can handle the ins and outs of getting you back on your feet.

Skip the search of finding the right insurer that is there for your business. To get the right commercial auto insurancecontact the experts at All Nevada Insurance, serving Las Vegas, Nevada.

What You Should Know Before Becoming a Franchise Owner

What You Should Know Before Becoming a Franchise Owner

A franchise opportunity could be for you. Here’s where to begin.

If you’re thinking of becoming your own boss, investing in a franchise business is one popular option that may be worth looking into. After all, you’re investing in an already-established business with a higher risk of success than owning your own business.

Before you get started on the documents, be sure that you know these essential factors first.

The Franchise Model

It’s been labeled as the greatest business model ever invented and has enabled hundreds of thousands of people to own their own business successfully. As a franchisee, you buy into a franchise, such as a service or product, and run it as if it were your own. With a complete model, training, and support, you cut out a lot of the startup mistakes.


Investing in a business, franchise or not, is risky. While there’s no way to mitigate your risk, there are ways to lower it. One of this is to research the franchise company thoroughly before signing on the dotted line. It sounds simple enough, but it’s a step commonly overlooked. Check out the benefits of becoming a franchisee and be sure you know how to choose the right franchise.


With anything in life, there are guidelines. Franchising is not a free for all. Similarly, it’s not for everyone. Before you commit to becoming a franchise owner, make sure that you understand the rules. All franchises have them, and need them! Rules maintain consistency of the products, the services, and the brand.


Most franchises have a minimum net worth requirement for franchisee, so be sure that you know yours (and that it meets the minimum requirements!). Start by adding up your assets and then your liabilities. The difference between the two is your net worth.

Take your time to assess your needs, wants, and find the right fit for you. It’s a venture that should be enjoyed by handled carefully.

Are you ready to find the right franchise opportunityVisit All Nevada Insurance today for more information!

Get Moving During National Physical Fitness & Sports Month!

National Physical Fitness & Sports Month

Make May your month to start moving more!

Like most Americans, you probably spend a lot of time sitting down in your car, at your desk, and on the sofa. Although you head to the gym as much as you can, research shows that sitting down too much can be detrimental to our health. Luckily, it’s easy to get active and simply move more! As May is dedicated to being National Physical Fitness & Sports Month, find different ways to incorporate more movement.

Walk More

Take the stairs instead of the elevator, park your car further away, take your dog on a longer walk. There are plenty of ways to increase your steps every day! Walking is the easiest task that you can do to stay active without going to the gym.

Stand Up at Work

Opt for a stand-up desk. Standing puts more stress on the body, burning more calories. Sitting also compacts all of our internal organs and weakens the hipbones. If you stand for an entire workday, it can help increase leg strength and endurance. Simply standing up to do your work instead of sitting can go a long way! It burns 50 percent more calories than sitting.

Be a Sport

Take up a new sport at your local activity center. Whether it’s yoga, football, spin class or basketball, attending a regular class will ensure that you keep to a schedule of exercise.

Make it a Hobby

Love nature? Get outside and hike the hills, cycle around the park, or swim in the ocean. Moving more doesn’t mean that you have to be on a static treadmill. In fact, the uneven terrain outdoors can help to improve your muscles when running and walking.

Do a Bit of Gardening

Yard work is great because it increases your physical activity, but it also gives you an excuse to be outside. Pulling weeds, mowing the lawn, trimming the hedge, and raking leaves are all physically taxing and use a range of muscle groups.

How are you getting active this month? While you focus on bettering your health, allow the professionals at All Nevada Insurance secure your reliable insurance policies. Visit us in Las Vegas, Nevada today!

What Are the Advantages of Buying a Franchise Over an Independent Business?

Buying a Franchise Over an Independent Business?

There are several distinct advantages to purchasing a proven franchise over an independent business.

Many entrepreneurs dream of building a company from scratch. But for many aspiring business owners, a start-up isn’t a realistic goal. With competition, high costs, and a large learning curve, more often than not, purchasing a franchise is a less risky path to success.

Check out some of the major advantages of buying a franchise over an independent business.

Brand Recognition

In the world of startups and small businesses, it’s ideal to step into a company that is already established. The hard work is already done for you: the outreach, the promoting, and there is already brand recognition. While different franchises certainly have different levels of awareness, owners can at least be confident that the product or service has been successful elsewhere.

Operating Systems

One advantage of buying a franchise is that the business has an established client base, operating history, and solid business plan. Franchises will have gone through rigorous procedures, giving new owners a well-thought out, stable operating system. New owners can avoid the mistakes that have already been resolved upon starting up.

Continuous Support

Another great reason to purchase a franchise opportunity is the availability of a support team. The franchisors share a concern for your success and will put systems in place to help you succeed. They will provide training for you and your team, and help you with questions that arise. Especially for first-time business owners, it can be very reassuring to know that someone is there to help over every hurdle.

Where there are risks in any new business venture, purchasing a franchise limits some of the concerns independent businesses carry.

Once you’ve decided to become a franchise business owner, check out All Nevada Insurance’s franchise opportunity. Find out more information by giving us a call today!

Don’t Miss the Food Truck Party Tonight in Las Vegas!

Food Truck Party

Love food? Try a variety of dishes at the Food Truck Party.

Every Thursday from 4:30 p.m. to 9 p.m., Las Vegas puts on an unmissable food truck party! When you think of a food truck, there’s a good chance that you think of casual street food that’s greasy and messy. But food trucks aren’t about substandard eats anymore. Today, there’s a whole new explosion of high-end food trucks that serve fresh, thoughtful dishes. If you’re a food lover looking for a good time, be sure not to miss Las Vegas’s Food Truck Party!

Enjoy music, food, and fun every Thursday evening at the Total Wine store at Town Square. With over ten different and amazing food trucks every week, there’s plenty to keep coming back for! The event is free of charge, and is family and pet-friendly.

Check out the details about the event below:

Date: May 4th

Time: 4:30 p.m. – 9 p.m.

Cost: Free!

Organizer: Treasure Ice Land truck

Where: Total Wine South Strip, 6885 S Las Vegan Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119

From burgers to salads to seafood to fun drinks, the Food Truck Party delivers choice for each taste.

For more information about the event, see here.

Visit the Las Vegas locals at All Nevada Insurance, protection your finances and assets with reliable insurance.