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Pictured from left to right: Vinnie Mannino (Owner), Marc Van Ryne (Rancho location), Brian Craveiro (Eastern location), Paul Maxwell (Lake Mead location), Mauro Figueroa (Russell location), Ed Williams (Owner), Anthony Acevedo (Tropicana location), Teddy Alanano (Sunset location), Shane Bowma with Amwins.

Does Your Car Insurance Travel Out of State with You?

Does Your Car Insurance Travel Out of State with You?

Understand where your auto insurance leaves you before driving out of state.

Before a big road trip, the last thing on your mind is auto insurance. You’ve got to pack, plan your route, and tune up your vehicle. Even so, it’s important to take a moment to understand how and where your auto insurance will protect you. If you’re traveling out of state, you should know how that affects your current car policy.

Auto insurance requirements vary state to state, with each enforcing a different minimum liability coverage amount. It’s a natural to be concerned about coverage when traveling into different states that have higher liability requirements than what you may have on your policy. Here’s what you should know before you set off.

Where does my car insurance work?

Even if your insurance company doesn’t operate in the states that you’re planning on visiting, you may still be able to use your coverage. Generally, the only time your out-of-state insurance would not work is if you were moving to a new state permanently. In that case, you’d need to purchase a policy from the new state so you could satisfy their coverage requirements.

Where will my car insurance not work?

If you’re leaving the U.S. by taking a detour south to Mexico or north to Canada, you may need to secure different insurance while driving there. Many insurance companies do not extend protection to other countries, so be aware of this gap if you are venturing outside of America. However, if you do drive abroad, you can most likely get insurance from the rental car store where you pick up your vehicle.

The professionals at All Nevada Insurance are well versed in securing reliable auto insurance that will see the motorist through their entire journey and beyond! Located in Las Vegas, Henderson, and neighboring cities, contact us today.

3 Tips for Buying a Franchise

Tips for Buying a Franchise

Tips that help you to get ready to buy a franchise.

 For entrepreneurs itching to start their own business, purchasing a franchise can be a good alternative. Franchising can be less risky than starting from scratch. The franchisor will have already done a lot of work for you. The business plan is ready made, and everything is set up so that you can get started. Now all you need to do is purchase one!

However, any new business is risky, even a franchise. If you’re considering the leap, here are a few tips to help you purchase!

Conduct Research

You’re responsible for the due diligence before you invest – so be thorough! Make sure that you find out exactly what your role as the owner will be, and dig deeper than the franchise brochure. Ask the existing franchisees what their day is like and how much support they received. If they allow it, shadow him or her for a day so that you know what to expect.

Determine the Location

Restaurants, storefronts, homes – it’s all about location, location, location. One of the toughest, and most important, decisions a franchisee will make is choosing a location for their new business. Many franchisors will work closely with you to pick the perfect spot, sharing insights about what particular site characteristics lead to success with their organization.

Consult a Specialist

The Tax rules and contracts surrounding franchises can get quite complex. Don’t get weighed down with terminology and paperwork! Ask for help from a professional attorney, preferably one who specialized in franchise law. He or she will review your franchise agreement documents and identify any potential red flags.

Once you’ve decided to become a franchise business owner, check out All Nevada Insurance’s franchise opportunity. Find out more information by giving us a call today!

Small Business Stressors – And How to Combat Them

Small Business Stressors – And How to Combat Them

How to handle common business stressors.  

Running your own business has many benefits, from being your own boss to putting your heart and soul into your passion. However, that doesn’t mean you have to deal with sleepless nights and endless headaches just because you’re a business owner. Managing all the responsibilities of a small business can be overwhelming. As a small business owner, it’s important to focus on ways to eliminate stress so that you and your business can remain healthy. Check out common issues small business owners face, and the healthiest strategies to deal with them.

Time Management

Owning a business isn’t a part-time job. Half the battle of being a small business owner is managing your time effectively in the absence of having a structured schedule. It’s important to know when you’re most productive so that you can maximize your time. If you struggle with time management, try paying attention to what distracts you. Once you know where your pitfalls are you can start to organize your day to account for them. If you need to schedule blocks of time in your calendar to focus on important tasks or delegate other tasks, do so!

Feeling Fatigued

Exhaustion is inevitable when running a business. You face a steady influx of tasks that tire you both physically and mentally. If you’re burning the candle at both ends, you’re sure to feel the effects of it sooner or later. Make conscious choices throughout the day to get your body on track to ensure a successful night’s sleep. Limit caffeine, unwind before bed, and avoid devices like computers and smartphones before heading to sleep. Set a strict sleep schedule and aim for 7-8 hours each night.

Being Overwhelmed

Owning a small business is a large commitment that necessitates constant attention and awareness. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer weight of responsibility from all of the nitty gritty tasks ahead of you. Be sure to use a planner or write down appointments, to dos, and important notes. It can also help to jot down monthly and weekly goals in order to increase your motivation.

Whether you’re looking at a new and exciting franchise opportunity or business insurance for your growing endeavor, the team at All Nevada Insurance can help! Contact us today for more information.

The Basics of Self-Employed Business Insurance

The Basics of Self-Employed Business Insurance

Set off on the right foot by securing self-employed coverage.

If you’ve just taken a leap of faith and are newly self-employed, you’ll know that being self-employed is both exciting and nerve-wracking. While you may not be thinking about risks and your liability just yet, you’ll want to ensure that you have the right insurance in hand so that your endeavor is protected.

Business Insurance

Business insurance refers to a broad range of insurance types that are designed to fill the gaps in your existing coverage. If you work from home, you can’t rely on your homeowners insurance to cover your business’s equipment and damages. For such protection, you’ll need a home-based business policy, which would cover losses that don’t fall under your regular homeowners insurance, such as damage to your business property or theft.

If you run a small business with employees, you may want to look for a comprehensive policy that combines property and liability coverage. This type of policy protects the business structure itself and any business-related equipment against theft or damage.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is there to protect you personally against negligence claims. Depending on your business’s industry and risks, there will be different liability policies to protect you. Product liability insurance is designed for those businesses that sell products, protecting the company from claims resulting from injuries and damages caused by the product. Other claims can be covered by a general policy, which provides umbrella protection against negligence and personal injury claims.

Health Insurance

Leaving your office job may mean saying goodbye to company-provided health insurance. If that’s the case, you’ll want to secure your own health coverage quickly so that you don’t have a lapse in protection.

Need to know where to begin? Talk to the team at All Nevada Insurance to get started!

How to Choose the Right Franchise

Choose the Right Franchise

Need help choosing the right franchise? Here’s how to get started.

Franchises are appealing to new entrepreneurs who want to the reduced risk of a proven product or service while still being their own boss. The parent company helps them to get on their feet and provides unlimited support for success. What’s not to love? The hardest part of securing a franchise is often deciding which one to join!

If you have no idea where to start, you’ll want to begin by asking yourself these questions.

What are my personal goals?

Everyone has different motivations for wanting to become an entrepreneur. Knowing what motivates you will help you decide where to begin. Do you want to spend more time at home, help others or further your entrepreneurial success? By figuring out your actual goals, you may be able to determine which franchise best meets your needs.

What role do I want to play in the business?

Do you want to be an active, hands-on owner or one that takes a back seat and hires staff to manage the business’s operations? Many franchisors offer an opportunity to be actively involved in management opportunity, but there are those that allow you to be relatively absent. Determine if you want to do a specific job, lead an organization, and manage managers!

What is my investment budget?

Franchise costs vary greatly, depending on the industry and specific business model. Take some time to weigh the initial investment against the expected return, along with your income, lifestyle and equity goals.

Do I have basic business skills?

Many franchises today want the franchisee to have the basic business know-how and entrepreneurial drive to succeed. In turn, franchisees who are focused on customer service and bettering the business are more likely to be profitable.

Ready to find the right franchise opportunity? Visit All Nevada Insurance today for more information!

Do Millennials Need Life Insurance?

Do Millennials Need Life Insurance?

Reasons why millennials need life insurance coverage.  

Today, millennials, young adults (ages 18-30) face numerous financial challenges in addition to everything else they have to tackle – from confronting student loan debt to working out how to buy a home. As a result, many of them are waiting longer to buy life insurance.  However, it’s important to remember that no one is invincible, even though when we’re young and healthy, it’s easy to feel that way! For millennials who are healthy with no children and only a small amount of assets, there are still several valid reasons why you should consider purchasing a life insurance policy.

It offers protection. It’s not a pleasant situation to think about – the aftermath of your death – but you should at least have plans in place for it. Passing away could leave a family member or loved one financially struggling without your assistance or income. Life insurance provides a financial buffer for the people you care about in the event something happens to you.

Consider your cosigners. If someone co-signed for your student loan, such as your parents, it’s likely that the bank won’t discharge that debt upon your death. That means your parents, or others who signed the paperwork, would be responsible for paying the full balance. Life insurance can help to cover these costs so your loved ones aren’t saddled with the debt.

It’s more affordable when you’re young and healthy. You’ll never be younger than you are today, and it’s often the case of the younger we are, the healthier we are. Those are two important factors for getting affordable life insurance. You can lock in low rates by securing life insurance young!

You may need to supplement insurance provided by your employer. If you were lucky enough to land a good job with a great benefits package, you may already have a basic employer-sponsored group life insurance benefit plan. However, a simple policy may not cover every aspect of your needs. Talk to an insurer to discuss if you and your dependents could benefit from additional coverage.

Rest easy knowing you’re protected. Contact All Nevada Insurance for the quality life insurance that can be tailored to any generation!

Are You Looking to Buy a Franchise? Here’s How to Start!

How to Start a Franchise

Easy tips on how to get started with your franchise opportunity.

A franchise model offers a good track record, an established brand name, training programs, support, and marketing assistance. With all that at hand, it’s no surprise that many entrepreneurs are drawn to the built-in security. The best thing that you can do before buying a franchise is to research.

Here are some of the best ways to get started!

Attend franchise events. The International Franchise Expo hosts over 300 franchises and even more interested individuals. It’s a one-stop-shop in terms of basic information and networking, as well as determining which franchise opportunity you want to become a part of.

Talk to franchisors and franchisees. As an initial step, head to the franchise’s website and request more information or call them directly. Ask in-depth questions so that you fully understand the ins and outs of joining the team. If you want much of the truth, ask the franchisees directly about their experiences, including the support they’ve received. For a better hands-on look, see if you can shadow him or her for one day.

Ask consultants, lawyers. A franchise consultant, also called a broker or coach, can provide excellent advice, although keep in mind they are often working for the franchisor. This is a good route to go to avoid a mess later one down the road.

Perform a web search. The whole web is at your fingertips, so many the most of it! Find out everything you need to know, how you can prepare, view legal documents, and ensure there are no lawsuits filed against the chosen company.

Once you’ve decided to become a franchise business owner, check out All Nevada Insurance’s franchise opportunity. Find out more information by giving us a call today!

Whip Up This Easy Valentine’s Day Recipe!

Whip Up This Easy Valentine’s Day Recipe!

Try your hand at these quick and easy Valentine’s Day cookies.

Share the love of Valentine’s Day (and the love of sweets!) with these heart-shaped cookies! Not only are they easy to make, but are bound to impress your other half to sweeten him or her up to enjoy the romantic holiday. Check out the recipe below.


  • 1-1/4 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1/2 cup granulated sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 1 to 2 tablespoons water
  • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Line cookie sheets with parchment paper.
  2. In a food processor, combine flour, sugar, and baking soda. Pulse a few times to mix.
  3. Add butter, 1 tablespoon water, and vanilla to the flour mixture. Pulse until ingredients come together. If the dough seems dry, add the remaining tablespoon of water.
  4. Dump dough out and divide in half.
  5. Put each portion in between 2 large sheets of floured parchment paper. Use a rolling pin to roll dough until it is 1/4-inch thick.
  6. Use an assortment of heart cookie cutters to cut out heart-shaped cookies. Gather up scraps and re-roll to cut out more cookies.
  7. Place cookies on prepared cookie sheets about 1/2-inch apart.
  8. Bake for 7 to 10 minutes or until cookies are golden around the edges. Start watching cookies at 7 minutes to make sure you don’t overbake them.
  9. Cool cookies completely then use your favorite cookie icings and decor.

From the team at All Nevada Insurance, we hope that you and your loved one enjoy this recipe! For all of your insurance needs, contact us today.

Are There Gaps in Your Home Insurance?

Are There Gaps in Your Home Insurance?

Is your homeowners insurance lacking coverage?

Every homeowner wants to believe that their standard home insurance policy protects them from every peril. If you’re like most Americans, you probably don’t realize that your homeowners insurance is lacking coverage. In fact, many policyholders are unaware of the ins and outs of their policies, which means they could easily end up paying a lot more money than they expected after damage to the home.

Below are common gaps in homeowners insurance that you should tend to immediately.

Flood and Earthquake Insurance

Even if your policy states that ‘all perils’ are covered, most policies carve out many exceptions or exclusions to this general provision. Damage caused by floods and hurricanes are rarely covered under a standard home policy. The aftermath of these events can be devastating, which is why obtaining coverage is so important. These policies can be purchased separately, protecting your home from each disaster.

Upgrades to the Property

If you’ve recently incorporated some home additions, you’ll want to talk to your insurer. If you update the home and therefore improve the value of the property, your homeowners insurance coverage will need to reflect the new value. If you don’t, you may only be covered to rebuild your home before your upgrades.

Home-Based Business

Many people don’t think twice about working from home. However, if you’re an entrepreneur working out of your home, you may not realize that some business exposures can be specifically excluded from your homeowners insurance – especially those related to customer traffic on premises. A business insurance policy may be needed to cover your equipment and liability risks.

For reliable homeowners insurance, visit the professionals at All Nevada Insurance. We serve Las Vegas, Henderson, and neighboring cities on Nevada!