Does Your Business Need Crime Insurance?

Business Crime Insurance Las Vegas NV

Commercial crime insurance is on the rise.

When one thinks of crime insurance, they’re likely to think of masked robbers breaking into the office in the middle of the night to rob the company everything from computers to paper clips. While crime insurance does cover burglaries and robberies, it comes with so much more!

As crime-related losses are not typically covered by commercial property insurance, it’s important to make sure that your business is protected.

Crime Coverage
Commercial crime coverage offers protection against:

  • Employee dishonesty
  • Forgery or alteration
  • Theft of money and securities
  • Computer fraud
  • Robberies

Should your business suffer a hardship such as a robbery outside of the business’ premises (such as, at a tradeshow), or a cold-hard thief steals from your company, these common endorsements are covered by your crime insurance policy.

Cash Coverage
Your business property insurance may not reimburse you for the theft of cash and checks. Fortunately, commercial crime insurance can! Should your disgruntled employee or masked thief rob your safe of last night’s takings, your cash can be protected with crime insurance.

With your business’ successes protected, such as tangible cash, you can feel safe in the knowledge that your future is safeguarded. For all of your commercial insurance needs, contact All Nevada Insurance, serving Las Vegas and surrounding Nevada cities!

Does a Speeding Ticket Affect My Auto Insurance?

Speeding Tickets & Auto Insurance Las Vegas NV

Unfortunately, traffic tickets can affect your car insurance rates.

Your auto insurer takes many factors into consideration when determining your rate: your age, car make and model, annual mileage, location, and your history of traffic tickets.

More often than not, when you have a driving record stained with moving violations and speeding tickets, your insurance company will view you as a risky driver (rather than just unlucky). If you’re predicted to get into an accident, you’re likely to cost the insurer more money. Therefore, your premiums hike up.

The Impact of Tickets
You’ve gotten your first traffic ticket. Not only do you feel like a bad driver, but you’re faced with a premium increase. It’s impossible to predict exactly how much your insurer will bump the cost up; one company may raise your rates for three years, another may apply a surcharge which will be removed after 12 months of no more tickets.

Severity Counts
While the adjustments to premiums for moving violations vary among insurance companies and the driver’s record, you can expect to see bigger rate increases for more serious violations.

For example:

  • Driving with a broken headlight is considered a low-impact ticket.
  • Driving 10mph over the speed limit can have moderate effects on your rates.
  • A DUI conviction can have severe consequences!

Fortunately, safe driving habits will keep you scot-free of tickets! To fully protect your journey on the roads, contact All Nevada Insurance to learn more about how auto insurance can protect you in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Prevent Making These Mistakes When Securing Commercial Car Insurance

Mistakes When Buying Commerical Auto Insurance

Commercial vehicles are important for businesses, but even more important to get covered.

Does your business rely on the use of vehicles to complete services? Perhaps you deliver flowers, carry furniture, or transport goods on the icy roads of Alaska. Whether your business is the Ice Road Truckers or not, vehicles may be an important part of your company. Any business that owns or uses even one car as a means of business must first obtain commercial auto insurance!

So that your company (and vehicle) doesn’t suffer from potholes in the road when it comes to the right insurance, avoid these mistakes!

  • Never buy the cheapest policy
    It’s likely that the cheapest policy that you find won’t provide your business with sufficient coverage. It’s likely that it will be minimal protection with high deductibles. Should you need to cash in on your policy, you’ll be wishing that you sprung for better coverage.
  • Never avoid better-suiting policies
    If you have two or more vehicles in your business, you may be eligible for fleet coverage. This protects a host of cars, so be sure to ask your insurer!
  • Never skimp on liability protection
    Even one lawsuit can sink an entire business. Getting sued can be costly, and trying to maintain a reputation after a lawsuit can be even more challenging. Liability protection is one coverage that no business should skip out on.

Skip the search of finding the best commercial auto insurance for you – contact the local professionals directly! Call the insurers at All Nevada Insurance to get started on your business’ tailored policy today.

Spring Cleaning? Add Your Boat to the List!

Boat Insurance in Las Vegas NV

Get your boat summer-ready with these tips!

The flowers are in full bloom and the weather is starting to heat up! With spring sprung and summer already around the corner, it’s time to start prepping your boat for the sailing season.

A well cared for boat that receives proper maintenance ensures that it cruises safe and soundly, all year long.

So that you can sail easy for summer, get your boat running smoothly with these tips:

Charge the battery – The battery may be low, if not completely dead, after sitting idle throughout winter. Plug it in overnight and charge it or install a new battery if necessary.

Top up the tank – After all, you don’t want to be stranded in the middle of the ocean…

Test the brake lights – Should you need to transport your boat on a trailer, make sure the brake and signal lights are working.

Inspect the engine – Make sure that all of the essential parts are in good, working condition. Inspect the engine for loose hose clamps, replace spark plugs, inspect belts, cables, and hoses for any cracks.

Buff the exterior – Use a mild detergent to clean the outside of the boat, scrubbing salt and sea barnacles off the sides. Top it off with a coat of wax.

Stock up on essentials – Ensure that there are plenty of lifejackets on board and that the other safety gear is in good, working condition!

While you’re at it, review your boat insurance to protect your boat while you’re on summer waters. Boat insurance is designed to cover your boat, yourself, and finances from suffering hardship should an accident or losses occur.

For a personalized policy for your boat, contact All Nevada Insurance. Our insurance experts work with your needs and budget to tailor boat insurance in Las Vegas and neighboring cities in Nevada.

Types of Coverage to Protect Your Business!

Types of Business Insurance in Las Vegas NV

Your business took a lot to build up – protect it with reliable insurance.

Any business, large or small, is most likely thinking forward about the future and how to build up their business. Despite the huge potential for business, owners should be smart in protecting their company. This includes protecting it from legal errors, financial strain, and reputation damage. Securing business liability insurance is a concrete way to protect your business’ foundation!

Business liability insurance protects your business in the event of a lawsuit for personal injury or property damages. It will usually cover the damages from a lawsuit along with the legal costs, whether or not the case is won or lost.

Types of Business Liability Insurance
General Liability Insurance:
This provides coverage to protect your business from injury claims, property damages, and advertising claims. Also known as Commercial General Liability (CGL), it may be the only type of business liability insurance you need depending on your situation!

Professional Liability Insurance: Businesses that provide services will need to consider having this coverage to protect from errors, malpractice, negligence, omissions. Depending on your profession, it may be a legal requirement to carry such a policy. Doctors and those in the tech industry are likely to need this coverage.

Product Liability Insurance: Small businesses selling or manufacturing products should be protected in the event of a person becoming injured as a result of using the product. The amount of coverage and the level of risk depends on your business type, so be sure to talk to your insurance agent about your risks.

Are you ready to receive quality business liability protection? Get started on your customized policy today by contacting All Nevada Insurance, serving Las Vegas and neighboring cities of Nevada.

April is National Autism Awareness Month!

April is Autism Awareness Month

Get involved with raising awareness of autism this month.

April, nationally known as Autism Awareness Month, is dedicated to promoting knowledge of the disorder. The aim the Autism Society, an organization dedicated to supporting those with the disorder, is to ensure each person who suffers from it has the opportunity to achieve the highest possible quality of life.

This month, get involved by aiding local missions into providing support and research for those with autism.

Check out local Las Vegas, Nevada organizations to get started:

  • Families for Effective Autism Treatment: Their mission is to provide information on treatment resources for families with children diagnosed with autism, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and related disorders.
  • Nevada Institute for Autism: This is the only holistic autism/behavioral disorders treatment in the state of Nevada! Their aim is to educate and support parents of children with autism and other behavioral-neurological challenges with effective, holistic healing therapies.
  • Grant a Gift Autism Foundation: This is a non-profit charity helping children and their families to overcome and fight autism. There are several programs and a range of resources available for families as well as siblings.
  • Goodfriends: This is a Meet Up Group for those with or aiding a loved one with autism. With people just like you, you can share information, stories, and resources as a support group.

From the Las Vegas-local insurance experts, All Nevada Insurance, we hope that you take an active role in the community during Autism Awareness Month!

Spring Cleaning Tips!

Spring Maintenance For Your Home

Awaken your home from hibernation with simple, spring cleaning.

While spring cleaning sounds attractive, the cleaning part is less fun that we’d like it to be. Luckily, revitalizing your home doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming.

Spring cleaning awakens your home up from its winter slumber to get it ready for the shiny spring and summer days ahead.

To bring your home back to life, here are some spring cleaning tips:


  • Declutter each room
  • Donate unused items and goods to your local charity shop
  • Get rid of dark throws and pillows – replace them with light and bright ones!


  • Dust ceiling fans
  • Buy a mop with a squeeze mechanism for a clean sweeping of linoleum floors
  • Dust mantelpieces, book cases, and in those pesky corners of each room
  • Invest in good rubber gloves to protect your hands
  • Vacuum each room
  • Sweep under appliances
  • Wash windows – inside and out!


  • Light a lemon, peony, or mint candle to infuse some fresh smells into your home living!
  • Make small repairs – but leave the bigger, trickier tasks for a professional
  • Bring some fresh flowers indoors for some bursts of color
  • Fluff pillows and make the beds

Now that your home is starting to look more vibrant and alive, ensure it’s protected! Secure your homeowners insurance in Las Vegas, Nevada by contacting All Nevada Insurance for a quality policy.