Easy Guacamole Recipe for Your Summer Party!

All Nevada Insurance Summer Party

Zest up your summer festivities with this easy guacamole recipe.

Summer is around the corner and backyard BBQ parties are being planned. What compliments a party better than guacamole and chips? This starter is a staple of any party, gathering, and Happy Hour!


Check out this quick and easy guacamole recipe that will wow everyone at your party!



  • 2 avocadoes
  • 1 small onion, finely chopped
  • 1 clove garlic, minced,
  • 1 ripe tomato, chopped
  • 1 lime, juiced
  • Salt and pepper to taste



  • Peel and mash avocados in a medium serving bowl.
  • Stir in onion, garlic, tomato, lime juice, salt and pepper. Season with remaining lime juice and salt and pepper to taste.
  • Chill for half an hour to blend flavors.


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Stay Safe During Summertime with These Sun Safety Tips!

All Nevada Insurance Summer Tips

The weather outside is beautiful – but protect your skin before heading out!

It’s natural to enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities in the summer. After all, the warmer weather brings the perfect opportunities to hit the beach, play in the pool, or hike the hills. Whatever your beloved summer activity is, prepping your skin for the sun’s rays is imperative during the hottest season.


Follow these sun safety tips to help prevent serious skin damage, and possibly skin cancer!


  • Sun Protection: Apply a sunscreen with a SPF of 15 or higher whenever you’re outdoors. Use a lotion that has broad spectrum protection, which means protection against both UVA and UVB rays. For children, apply a sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher.
  • Stay Covered: Always apply sunscreen 20 minutes before heading out in the sunshine, and reapply after sweating excessively or taking a dip in the ocean!
  • Layer Up: Wear a hat with a wide brim and sunglasses to shield your eyes and face from direct sunlight. Choose lightweight and long clothing to cover exposed skin, too!
  • Stay Shady: Head indoors or stay in the shade during midday, when it’s hottest outside and the sun’s rays are at their most intense. The chance of burning sky-rockets during this time, so be sure to find shade where you can.
  • Bottoms Up: Stay hydrated during the summertime! Drinking enough water is essential for almost every body function, so don’t skimp on the ice and water this season. Keep a bottle of water in your car, your bag, and be sure to take plenty if you’re heading out for the day. This includes bringing enough water for your pets, too!


From the insurance professionals at All Nevada Insurance, we hope that you have a safe and fun summer holiday! For all of your policy needs in Las Vegas, Nevada, contact us today!

The Basics of General Commercial Liability Policies

All Nevada Insurance Business Insurance

Accidents and mishaps, General Commercial Liability can protect your business from all.


Despite our best efforts and most calculated and careful actions, accidents happen. We live in a society where an accident can quickly result in a lawsuit against the at-fault person.


Fortunately, this is where general liability insurance steps in. General liability insurance is coverage that can protect you from a variety of claims including bodily injury, property damage, personal injury and others that can arise from your business operations.


Determine the Right Amount of Coverage
Before you select your general liability insurance limits, you should evaluate the degree of risk that you’re facing. Ask yourself how likely it is that bodily injury or property damage, or the need for employment practices insurance may occur within your business or outside of it? A single accident can result in a lawsuit that you might not be able to handle. A great way to protect against this type of situation is to make sure you carry enough coverage!


The Basics
If your business is involved in an accident and is deemed at fault, the insurer that holds your policy is responsible for paying legal costs. They are legally obligated to pay the covered liability claims that include personal injury, property damage, bodily injury, and any damage sustained from false advertising.


General liability insurance, along with various other protections, is available in business owner policies! For businesses with a high level of threat, an umbrella policy should be purchased to provide additional protection on top of the general liability that is already in place!


Each employer and business owner should take precautionary measures to ensure that an incident doesn’t happen. Of course, accidents happen, but this risk can be severely decreased with proper planning, caution, and safety policies.


Get started on your tailored business insurance coverage by contacting the professionals at All Nevada Insurance, located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our experts can provide your company with the coverage that it needs and deserves, all at the right price!

Traveling This Summer? Read on For Vital Safety Tips!

All Nevada Insurance Travel Insurance

You may be prepared to travel in style with your Nike shoes, but safe travels is imperative for a smooth journey!


Are you hopping aboard a plane this summer? Perhaps you’re cruising around the Caribbean or hiking the Himalayas – whatever your holiday plans, you’re likely to be traveling in some way. Before you head out to the airport, there are some important safety tips to review! It may not be at the top of your list to review safety tips, but you’ll be thanking us later when your holiday travels result in a smooth journey!



Before you go:


  • Research basic information about your destination
  • Leave a copy of your itinerary with a trusted family member or friend
  • If you’re driving, give your car a check up and review your auto insurance
  • Take a paper map with you – just in case your smartphone isn’t so smart and loses signal!


At the airport:

  • Never leave your bag unattended
  • Don’t accept any packages from strangers
  • Report any suspicious activities
  • Follow all safety and security rules
  • Don’t pack or bring a lot of valuables with you, such as jewelry


At your destination:

  • Pay attention to your surroundings!
  • Avoid taking more cash, travelers’ checks, or credit cards than you need
  • Don’t accept rides from strangers
  • Stay in well-lit and well-traveled places
  • Don’t “flash” your cash or other valuables
  • Avoid looking like a typical tourist – you may be considered an easy target to rob!


From the professionals at All Nevada Insurance, we wish you happy and safe travels!


Before your adventures, you’ll want to secure the reliable protection that will leave your home and belongings safe. Get started on your home insurance policy that will protect your future and finances by contacting All Nevada Insurance, serving Las Vegas and surrounding areas in Nevada.

Tips for Buying Business Insurance!

All Nevada Insurance Business Insurance

Before you buy insurance, review your threats and needs to ensure you receive the right protection.

All business owners are aware that they need insurance to protect their company from risks and threats that they may meet down the road. Even the biggest businesses face liability lawsuits and perils of hurricanes and flooding. While no two businesses were built the same, each owner should tailor insurance needs to their unique needs.


Here are some top tips to get you started on buying business insurance!


Assess the Threat
Every business should cover their business’ biggest risks. From injury lawsuits to vandalism, ensure that your selected policy covers it all. If your business’ employees operate heavy machinery daily, you’re likely to need more insurance than an organization whose highest risk is a stapler injury.


Educate Yourself
Before you go into deciding what your deductible is for your Workers’ Compensation, be sure to know the meaning of this. Signing up for something that you don’t need, or worse, being underinsured for, could be the difference between your company soaring to success or grinding to a halt.


Evaluate Annually
As your business grows, so do your liabilities. No one wants to be caught unprepared when a disaster strikes. Review your coverage annually, or when your business changes significantly, to maintain reliable protection.


Find the Right Agency

Skip the search through Internet quotes and filling out forms – contact All Nevada Insurance directly for the best policy to suit your company. Our trusted professionals serve businesses in Las Vegas and surrounding areas in Nevada with reliable and tailored insurance coverage!

Lifestyle Changes That Can Help You to Earn More!

All Nevada Insurance Lifestyle Changes

Eager to make more money? Keen to improve your life? Read on!

When it comes to earning more money and growing your wealth, sometimes all it boils down to is establishing key habits and making small tweaks in a lifestyle. Success is a learnable skill. One that takes a little bit of practice to acquire, but it can be learnt nonetheless!


Start Surrounding Yourself with People That You Admire
The idea is that if you surround yourself with talented people who share your vision, you will feel influenced by their attitudes and behaviors. The reality is, millionaires think different from the middle class about money, and so there is much to be gained, simply by being in their presence.

Get a Part Time Job
If you want to earn more, a simple solution is to work more. You’re likely to get a lot more out of a second job than just extra income. You’ll grow your skill set by working in a different field, put your brain to work in a different context, and expand your network!

Get Your Head in a Book
A well-known fact is that rich people would rather be educated than entertained. If you want to be like the 1 percent, cut the cable and dive into educational books, such as investing or finance, or a biography!

Wake Up Earlier

The phrase rings true, “The early bird catches the worm.” Early risers get a head start on everyone else by responding to emails, exercising, meditating, or reading before many of us have even hit the snooze button.

You’ve worked hard to make your own wealth and improve your lifestyle – why leave it exposed to potential threats? Get started on your insurance policies that will protect your future and finances by contacting All Nevada Insurance, serving Las Vegas and surrounding areas in Nevada.

Moving Home? Don’t Forget About This All-Important Expense

All Nevada Insurance Home Insurance

If your home move is on a tight budget, be sure to make room for this cost.


Whether you’re house hunting, thinking of selling, or already have the moving company’s number on speed-dial, it’s easy to get caught up in the midst of packing and planning. Moving home is not small feat; it requires a lot of time dedicated to perfecting your credit score, applying for the right loan, and packing up all of your belongings!


Before you ready the packing tape and bubble wrap, take a moment to ensure that you have the necessary homeowners insurance in place. It’s easy enough to forget but you’ll be glad that you secured this coverage when you did!


Moving Home
You won’t be able to obtain a mortgage without homeowners insurance covering both the property and its contents. However, the standard insurance may not cover natural disasters such as floods, tornadoes, and earthquakes. Depending on where you live, you may want to consider taking out additional insurance to cover such risks.


Covering Your Assets
The elements of a standard homeowners insurance policy covers:

  • Damage to the interior or exterior of your house. In the event of damage due to fire, hurricanes, lightning, vandalism or other covered disasters, your insurer will compensate you so that your house can be repaired or even completely rebuilt.
  • Loss or damage to your personal belongings. Clothing, furniture, appliances and most of the other contents of your home are covered if they’re destroyed in an insured disaster!
  • Personal liability for damage or injuries caused by you or your family. If someone sues you for a slip and fall that they suffered on your property, insurance will step in to cover the legal and lawsuit expenses.
  • Additional living expenses while your home is being rebuilt or repaired. If your home is uninhabitable for some time while it is being repaired after a peril, insurance can cover some of the expenses associated with staying in a hotel and eating in restaurants while your home is being rebuilt.


While homeowners insurance may not be on the top of your list for moving home, it’s essential in protecting your newfound property and loved possessions! Contact All Nevada Insurance, serving homeowners in Las Vegas and surrounding areas in Nevada.