Staying Safe on the Road as a Senior

More senior citizens than ever are staying on the road later in life. While there may not be any safety issues with baby boomers keeping their licenses longer, it is important to make sure that they are staying as safe as possible while behind the wheel. Enrolling in driving refresher course can help seniors feel confident when they are driving, as well as leading to lower insurance premiums, helping them save some money on a tight budget.

Most older drivers have lower auto insurance premiums since they are more experienced drivers and typically have good driving records. However, after 75, fatal car crash rates start to increase, and they significantly increase after the age or 80. Many of these fatality rates are due to physical fragility, which makes senior citizens more susceptible to having fatal injuries after a crash. There are also many other factors that can contribute to car crashes, including delayed reaction times, decreased vision, serious medical conditions, and decreased cognitive abilities. Although all of these issues can be problematic for people of all ages, they are especially common in people over the age of 65.

There are many driving refresher courses that are available, with the largest one being offered by AARP, called the Driver Safety Program. The course is only offered to people who are 50 years old and older, and can be taken online or in a classroom. The course helps to refresh a person’s knowledge of traffic rules, as well as teaching defensive driving techniques. It also offers seniors information about the dangers of driving while taking certain medications.

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Staying Safe This Labor Day

With Labor Day just around the corner, it is time to start planning for the unofficial last holiday of summer. While planning an exciting event that will be fun for the whole family, it is important to make sure to keep safety in mind. Make sure to consider these Labor Day safety tips to ensure everyone has a safe and fun holiday weekend.

Heat waves

  • The temperatures on Labor Day can easily reach into the triple digits in the area. Make sure that you drink plenty of water throughout the day. Also make sure to wear sunscreen and protect yourself with sunglasses and hats.

Designate a driver

  • Never drink and drive. If you will be celebrating the holiday with alcoholic beverages, make sure to designate a sober driver, or use public transportation. Also make sure that you do not get into a car with anybody that has been drinking.


  • Getting in the water, whether it is a pool or a lake is a great way to stay cool this Labor Day. Make sure to never swim alone and that children are always supervised when around water. Anyone that does not have strong swimming abilities should always wear a life jacket when they are in or around the water.


  • If you are grilling this holiday, make sure to keep cold food cold and hot food hot to avoid any food borne illnesses. Also make sure to clean any utensils that came into contact with raw meat before so that they do not spread any diseases, such as salmonella.

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Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Nevada’s SHINE for A Superhero 5k & 1 Mile Race

All Nevada Insurance is once again a proud sponsor for Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Nevada’s SHINE for A Superhero 5k & 1 Mile Race on Saturday, September 13th at Mountain’s Edge Exploration Park.  For more information, please click on the link listed below.


Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Nevada » SHINE For A Superhero 5K & 1 Mile Race with Chet BuchananShine-for-a-Superhero-JPEG

Make sure to Sign up for the SHINE for A Superhero 5K & 1 Mile Race!

Once again, All Nevada Insurance is proud to be a sponsor for Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Nevada’s SHINE for A Superhero 5k and 1 Mile Race on Saturday, September 13th. The event will take place at Mountain’s Edge Exploration Park in Las Vegas.

The event will start with opening ceremonies at 7:30 a.m. and then the 5k Superhero Timed Run Starts at 8 a.m. After the timed run, there is a 5k Superhero Walk of 1 mile that starts at 8:15 a.m. Make sure to dress up as your favorite superhero for the run! All of the proceeds from the run will benefit children and families of the children who have been diagnosed with or survived cancer.

Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Nevada is a non-profit agency that provides services and support for families that have children that have been diagnosed with cancer. Any child who is up to 21 years old and have been diagnosed with cancer, or those who have survived cancer, are eligible to benefit from Candlelight’s services as long as they are being treated in or living in Nevada. Candlelighters main goal is to help lessen the feeling of isolation that many children and families feel once they are diagnosed with cancer. They are there to offer care, love, understanding, and encouragement to ensure that nobody is left feeling alone. All of the services and programs of Candlelighters are given at absolutely no cost to the family. All of the donors from the Superhero Run will be able to have the satisfaction of knowing that their donations will be directly helping families and children in need.

For more information about the race, click here. You can also contact All Nevada Insurance for more information or to find out how to make a donation.

Shine for a Superhero JPEG

Rights of Passengers in a Car Accident

Being in an auto accident can be a very scary time for anyone. It can be especially scary for passengers, since they have no control over the car. As a passenger, you also do not know how much insurance coverage the driver has, and if it will cover any injuries you sustained. In Las Vegas, passengers do have the right to compensation in a car accident to ensure they are protected.

Passengers have the right to seek payment for injuries, pain and suffering, and any expenses related to the accident, such as lost wages. In order to receive compensation, you must know who is at fault for the accident. If the accident is between one vehicle and another object, such as a tree, then that person is at fault for the accident, and the injury claim will be made to their insurance company.

In Nevada, in order to be at fault for an accident, a person must be found at least 51 percent responsible. After finding out who is at fault, most compensation claims will automatically be taken care of by the insurance company, but there are some instances that a lawsuit against the at-fault driver may be necessary.

If more than one passenger is injured in an accident, all of them would have to file for a claim against the negligent driver. If the total of the case is greater than what the insurance policy will cover, each person will have to settle with the insurance company for less than what their case is worth.

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Safety Tips for Motorcycles

Riding a motorcycle allows for more freedom than driving down the road in an enclosed car. It allows you to experience the beauty of the landscape, while still getting to your intended destination. While enjoying your motorcycle this summer, make sure to keep these safety tips in mind.

  • Dress to impress. Wearing the right safety gear can help save your life if you are involved in an accident while riding your motorcycle. Make sure to wear a helmet that is approved by the Department of Transportation, gloves, closed toed boots, and thick pants.
  • Know your limits. Be smart when driving your motorcycle and do not drive in any conditions that require a higher skill level.
  • Watch the weather. Two wheels on a motorcycle are not as stable as the four wheels on a car. Check the weather before heading out to make sure they are not too bad to ride in.
  • Take care of your bike. Check the oil and tires before going out for a long ride to ensure your bike is running its best.
  • Never use the front break first. Always use the back break first, and only utilize the font break in an emergency situation. Using the front break at a high speed can easily cause you to fly over the handlebars.
  • Look where you want to go. Your bike will follow where you are looking. Make sure to always look ahead where you want to go to avoid an accident.

Most importantly, make sure you have the right motorcycle insurance to protect you and your bike in any situation. Contact All Nevada Insurance for all of your insurance coverage needs in Las Vegas and surrounding areas. We have been in business for over 70 years and strive to provide the most comprehensive insurance plans to all of our clients to best fit their lifestyle, all at the right price.

Tickets Are Now on Sale for Round 5: Knockout Cancer for Candlelighters Kids!

Round 5 Final Postcard

We are excited to announce that tickets are now on sale for our annual unarmed combat charity event; Round 5: Knockout Cancer for Candlelighters Kids, on Friday, October 3rd at the Texas Station.

You can purchase tickets through, call 1-800-745-3000, or at any Station Casino.  We are planning quite a show.  We will have various forms of fighting on display such as; MMA, Kickboxing, Boxing and Jiu Jitsu.  Please remember all proceeds go directly to Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Nevada to help children battle this awful disease.

Thank you all for your continued support for this special and important event!

Course and Scope for Worker’s Compensation

Every state in the United States requires businesses to carry a worker’s compensation insurance policy. Worker’s compensation can protect both the business and employees in case of an accident that happens while on the job.

Worker’s compensation insurance will provide coverage for many different situations, including:

  • Medical expenses that are related to the injury.
  • Lost income or wages during the recovery time of an accident.
  • Rehabilitation costs for the injury that is sustained while at work.
  • Survivor death benefits if the employee were to die due to an accident at work.

Not every injury while on the job qualifies for a worker’s compensation claim. There are certain course and scope rules that the injury has to arise of out in order to qualify. These rules are:

  1. The employee was injured while engaging in an activity the benefits the employer.
  2. The injury occurred while onsite of the employer’s location, or a location that was reasonably expected or mandated by the employer.
  3. The cause of the injury was related to the work that is done by the employee of a certain occupation.

While there are many situations that fall under these three rules, there are also more details to look at to determine how much coverage an employee will receive. If the employee was under the influence of drugs or alcohol when an injury occurred, even if it met all three rules, the coverage may be lowered or even denied completely. Each claim has to be properly researched to ensure it meets all of the requirements of a worker’s compensation claim.

For all of your worker’s compensation needs in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas, contact All Nevada Insurance. We have over 70 years insurance experience and can help provide the most comprehensive insurance coverage for any business.

Beyond General Liability

While general liability insurance provides protection for a business against most situations, it is usually not enough. There are many coverage options that come with a general liability insurance policy including:

  • Bodily injury – will provide coverage for the medical costs that are associated with a person’s injury, including medical bills.
  • Property damage – will provide coverage for the physical damage of another person’s property, or the loss of use of property.
  • Products liability – will provide coverage for your business against any lawsuits that are associated with a product related injury or accident.
  • Products-completed operations – will provide protection from damages and legal expenses if an injury is resulted from a service your company provided, or something that they made.

There are many other liability insurance options to choose from to ensure your business is protected in any situation, including:

  • Pollution liability – will provide protection relating to claims involving the release or exposure to pollutants, whether it is on company property.
  • Cyber liability and data breach – will provide coverage for both 1st and 3rd party expenses that are related to the costs of notifying customers of a data breach, lawsuits, and other issues associated with a cyber-attack.
  • Employment practices liability – will protect a business from expenses related to employee allegations of improper firing, hiring, harassment, or discrimination.
  • Worker’s compensation – provides coverage for employee injuries and disease that is required by law in the United States.
  • Professional liability – provides coverage for claims that are the result of defective plans, work, designs, or services.

For all of your business insurance needs in Las Vegas and surrounding areas to ensure your business has the proper coverage for any situation, contact All Nevada Insurance. We have over 70 years insurance experience and strive to provide the most comprehensive insurance policies to fit the lifestyles of our clients.