Secure Your Life Insurance Before the Stork Arrives!

Life Insurance Las Vegas NV

If you’re expecting a little bundle of joy in the near future, you’ll want to purchase or review your life insurance policy.

Parents-to-be are often in a 9-month haze of doctors’ appointments, nursery decorating, and satisfying food cravings. With so much to do, it’s easy to forget about the importance of life insurance.

As parents, you may ask the following questions:

Do we need life insurance?
Life insurance is designed to provide a financial safety net for your family when you are no longer around to do so. This can cover everything from funeral costs, your remaining debt, to your child’s college tuition. Life insurance is a selfless policy that, at the risk of sounding morbid, helps your family focus on mourning your passing without worrying about financial hardships. Preparing a monetary safety net for your spouse and young ones is a great way to protect your growing family!

How much protection is best?
Ask yourself if your surviving spouse could live without your income while paying off your debts and preparing for your child’s future education. Many families would struggle even a month without two incomes, and that’s where life insurance would step in.

My work provides life insurance – isn’t that enough?
Work-provided life insurance may not offer sufficient coverage for your family’s financial situation. In this case, an additional insurance policy is advised. When you purchase your own life policy, coverage isn’t dependent on your employment situation!

Before you pop, review your insurance coverages! Contact the life insurance professionals at All Nevada Insurance in Las Vegas, Nevada to get started on your policy today!

Tax Season Preparation Tips!

Tax Season Preparation Tips Las Vegas NV

Gather your documents for the tax season filing ahead.

Tax season is not exactly one of the most loved times of year. Fortunately, with proper organization and early filing, you can make your tax season go by quickly and painlessly!

No matter how much assistance you get from tax accountants and programs, here are some key ways to organize your document gathering:

  • Gather your receipts: Large or small, potential deductions like charitable contributions or business expenses can add up. Even if you’ve never itemized deductions in the past, knowing the amount of your potential deductions could determine whether you should begin itemizing this year.
  • Make a list of income sources: Make a list of what you should be expecting by identifying all your income sources, from employers to banks to mutual funds, rather than relying on the random arrival of tax forms.
  • Consider an IRA contribution: You can make an IRA contribution until the tax filing deadline, and still have it count for last year.
  • Revisit your withholding instructions: Conventional wisdom has been to minimize withholding even if it means paying up at tax time because that way you’ll have the money at your disposal throughout the year. With savings account interest rates near zero, it might be worth re-thinking this approach.
  • Learn from it: Learn from your missing receipts or trouble calculating gains and losses for next year’s tax return!

Make your filing a smooth process by putting these tips into practice! When looking to save money and ensure the safety of your finances, reviewing your insurance coverages is key! For a quality and personalized policy, contact All Nevada Insurance, serving Las Vegas and the surrounding areas of Nevada!

Celebrate World Water Day by Conserving Water!

World Water Day

Reduce your water use from March 22nd, onwards and beyond!

Today is World Water Day and we’re celebrating by stepping away from the washer, dryer, bath, and garden hose, pledging to save water instead!

From today on, we’re pledging to wash less, line dry, buy locally, and be sensible about water use to save water and reduce our carbon footprints!

World Water Day acts as a day to remind everyone about the ever-increasing demand for drinking water, conservation of water resources, and the development of freshwater supplies. Water is a finite resource that is fundamental to human health and well-being. From food and energy security to human and environmental health, water is also an essential part of sustainable development.

When looking for ways on how you can save water from here on out, read these tips below!

  • Shorten it: Each minute you knock off your shower time saves 2 – 2.5 gallons of water (and decreases your water bill!)
  • Opt for a shower: A bath uses about 36 gallons of water while a 5-minute shower may use as little as 10!
  • Collect it: Whether you have a bath or shower, bucket the remaining water for your outdoor plants and lawn.
  • Let your fruit chill: Wash your fruits and veggies in a bowl of water rather than under a running tap.
  • Soak it: When hand-washing your dishes, soak pots and pans rather than letting the faucet run.
  • Spring for a new machine: Energy-efficient dishwashers use half as much energy and save nearly 5,000 gallons of water every year.
  • Run it full: Only run the dishwasher when it’s completely full!
  • Hang up: Reuse your towels instead of requesting a fresh set during hotel stays – do the same at home!
  • Nature’s best: Cut down on your lawn watering. Choose to water once a week (if necessary!)
  • Buy local: Choosing local produce means that you’re supporting small businesses and decreasing your environmental footprint!
  • Eat less meat: Cut down on your meat intake to save gallons of water each day!

From the insurance professionals at All Nevada Insurance, we hope that you celebrate World Water Day by taking steps to reduce your consumption of water!

For all of your insurance needs to protect your financial future, contact us in Las Vegas, Nevada today!

Find Your Pot of Gold on St. Patrick’s Day in Las Vegas!

St. Patrick's Day Parade Las Vegas NV

Don’t miss the great, green, good-fun events for St. Paddy’s Day on March 17!

Celebrate the luck of the Irish in Las Vegas, Nevada with local events and parties! St. Patrick’s day is the celebration of when the patron saint of Ireland landed stateside in 1737 Ever since, parties, festivals, and parades have been hosted each year on March 17th.

Check out the Las Vegas local events and parties to kick of your Irish celebrations!

  • Celtic Feis at New York – New York
    The three-day party (March 17 – 19) is a signature festival that offers something for everyone! An Irish fare, specialty beverages, live music, and a parade led by bagpipes is just the start! Enjoy a fine Irish menu and Nine Fine Irishmen, too!
  • Cabo Wabo Cantina’s Patio Party
    The party will include green beer, shot specials, and beer tubs filled with select imported and domestic brews available on the Strip-side patio. Don’t miss Cabo’s signature margarita with an Irish green twist, crafted with Cabo Wabo tequila and Grand Marnier served on the rocks!
  • McFadden’s Restaurant & Saloon: This bar, full of fishbowl cocktails, shots, a dancing bar, and plenty of Irish pub items will transport you to Ireland with the festivities of the holiday!
  • TREVI: Commemorate the patron saint of Ireland with a festively green dinner featuring fettuccine al pesto con gamberi with sautéed shrimp, sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts and basil in a festive green pesto sauce, followed by a scoop of pistachio gelato and complemented by the “Kiss Me, I’m Italian” sour green apple cocktail. Could you want greener dining?

Be sure to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Las Vegas, Nevada with local events and specialty menus! Before the big holiday, secure all of your insurance needs through All Nevada Insurance, serving Las Vegas and the surrounding areas in Nevada.

Get Your Head in the Game with This March Madness Green Recipe!

March Madness Recipe

Whip up these colcannon quesadillas for your March Madness, green, Irish celebrations!

Whether you’re watching the games or opting to celebrate March in pure green bliss, these colcannon quesadillas hit just the spot!

As a product of Ireland meeting Mexico, these quesadillas are stuffed with colcannon – a classic Irish mixture of mashed potatoes and cooked greens. They can be assembled within minutes and are perfect finger food for game watching!


  • 2 cups cooked mashed potatoes
  • 3/4 cup tightly-packed cooked and well-drained spinach, kale, cabbage or chard, chopped
  • 1/4 cup minced scallions
  • Salt and black pepper
  • 4 large spinach (or whole grain) tortillas
  • Choice of green sauce: mint chutney; picante sauce; green Tabasco sauce


  1. In a bowl, combine the potatoes, spinach, scallions, and salt and pepper to taste.  Mix well to combine.  Heat the mixture in a skillet on top of the stove or in the microwave.
  2. Divide the mixture evenly over half of each of the tortillas. Fold the tortillas over and press down lightly.
  3. Place 1 or 2 of the quesadillas in a large non-stick skillet or griddle over medium-high heat. Cook until lightly browned on both sides, turning once. Keep warm while you cook the remaining quesadillas in the same way. Cut the quesadillas into wedges and serve with desired sauce.

From the insurance professionals at All Nevada Insurance, we hope that you enjoyed this delicious (and pleasantly healthy!) game-watching, Irish-celebrating snack!

For all of your insurance needs before the games in Las Vegas, Nevada, be sure to contact us today!

Top Ways to Prevent Rear End Collisions

Prevent Rear End Collisions Las Vegas NV

Keep your rear safe with this accident-avoidance tips!

Rear-end collisions are the most common type of motor vehicle crash in the United States. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that these collisions, in which one vehicle strikes the back of another vehicle, represents nearly a third of all crashes.

To protect anyone from ploughing into the back of your vehicle, we’ve composed a list of the top tips to prevent a rear end collision!

  • Maintain a safe following distance
    Whether you’re on highways, city streets, or rural roads, it’s important to keep a safe distance between your car and the car in front of you. That way, if the car in front of you brakes, you have time to stop safely without hitting them. If in doubt, leave three seconds of space between you and the car ahead!
  • Increase your following distance when necessary
    Depending on road conditions, three seconds may not be enough. This includes: driving on slippery roads, driving in low visibility, being tailgated, following a large vehicle, and following a vehicle that may stop frequently. Increase your following distance in these cases!
  • Be aware of your surroundings
    From turning vehicles, merging vehicles, accidents, debris on the road, and speed changes, be sure to stay focused on road conditions ahead and to your sides and behind you! Check your mirrors often, avoid driving in another driver’s blind spot, and always indicate to other drivers where you are turning.

Being a victim of a rear end collision is always unpleasant, but being involved in an accident without sufficient auto insurance coverage is financially troubling. Secure your auto insurance policy with All Nevada Insurance, serving Las Vegas and the surrounding areas in Nevada!

How to Budget for Car Insurance

auto insurance las vegas nevada

Your auto insurance coverage doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg!

Budgeting is often in everyone’s books. After all, one should determine if they can afford that new TV once the monthly bills are paid.

When it comes to auto insurance premiums, motorists aim for high coverage and low monthly bills. Sometimes unique circumstances, such as owning an expensive car or having a high number of accidents or tickets on your driving record may require you to pay more money to insure your car. If this is the case, remember one thing: you always have options! Affordable auto insurance is no myth!

Use these tips to create a budget and prepare for the cost of auto insurance!

  • Create a budget: Write (or type) out your budget of incomings, outgoings, and a desired amount to spend on your insurance policies. A visual representation will mean that you can focus on your finances accurately.
  • Add up expenses: Include rent, mortgage, car payments, insurance premiums, utilities, cellphone, credit card, gas, food, and any other monthly outgoings. Totaling recurring expenses allow a good insight into how much extra money you’re spending that you should be saving instead.
  • If the sum of all of your expenses adds up to more than what you’re bringing in, consider some cuts. Go down your list and eliminate any unnecessary expenditures. After securing enough funds to pay for the roof over your head, your car and insurance, food, utilities, and medical expenses, leave a small percentage for “fun” and put the rest into savings!
  • Consider paying your six-month car insurance premium in one lump sum: Although this sounds counterintuitive, you may save you money! In many cases, opting to spread the coverage out to monthly payments increases the cost by a small but potentially significant amount.
  • Look for discounts within your insurance: If you’re in school or have a teenager in school, you may be eligible for a Good Student Discount. If you’re a good driver, there is a Good Driver Discount. Ask your insurer if there are any discounts that apply to you.

Skip the search of trolling through the internet looking for affordable auto insurance in Las Vegas, Nevada. Contact the insurance professionals at All Nevada Insurance for a personalized, affordable policy!