Don’t Fall Victim to Car Theft

Car theft is a major problem across the nation. Most people believe that car thefts happen when someone confronts them and demands for their keys. Yet in actuality, more car thefts occur during burglaries where the thief steals the keys from the home. In addition, people sometimes leave the keys in the ignition when running into the store for a few minutes, giving a car thief quick access to the vehicle.

You don’t have to become a victim of car theft. Use the following tips to lessen the likelihood of your car being stolen.

Keep valuables out of sight. When a thief doesn’t see anything interesting in your car, they won’t be tempted to break into it to get at your purse, handbag or cell phone.

Be careful where you park. Avoid dark, unlit streets that makes it tempting for a car thief to break into your vehicle. Also, try to avoid parking near shrubbery or other obstacles that block your view of the vehicle.

Never leave the keys in the car. You are basically hanging a sign in the windshield saying, “Steal me.” Also, stow your keys in a place where a burglar can’t get to them if your home is broken into.

Always lock doors and windows. Don’t make it easy for your car to be stolen. With the way key fobs are made today to set an alarm and lock the doors, there isn’t any reason to welcome thieves into your car.

Get anti-theft equipment. Older vehicles that don’t have car alarms as standard equipment should be equipped with anti-theft equipment. Most car part stores will have a wide range of products to choose on based on your budget such as gear-stick locks, tracking devices and immobilizers.

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