There’s An App for That: Home Inventory Made Easy

A home inventory helps you recover lost property if you are a victim of a fire, break in or other tragedy. Homeowners insurance and renters insurance policies require the client to keep an inventory of their personal possessions so they can be replaced if they are destroyed or damaged. In the past, a hand written list or a video/photographic list were the common ways to maintain an inventory.

New apps are available for smartphones that allow consumers to immediately record new purchases and place them on their home inventory list. Apps are easy to use and make retrieving an item’s serial number and description as easy as typing in a few letters. Filing a claim for lost or stolen property can be taken care of almost immediately.

Las Vegas, Nevada residents have a new and innovative way to help them maintain an accurate and up to date home inventory. The agents at All Nevada Insurance can help their clients discover new apps that will help them create a home inventory using their smartphone. With a complete list of their belongings in the palm of their hand, they can make a claim or a police report in a matter of minutes.