Tips for Buying a Safe Car

Tips for Buying a Safe Car

When buying a new car, look for these safety features.

If you’re in the market for a new car, you’ve been exposed to a wealth of new high-tech safety features that probably aren’t in your current car. Most cars come with standard safety features, but many cars on today’s market have additional safety features that help to protect your family and vehicle. Here are a few safety features to consider before buying your next car.

Automatic High Beams

This feature allows cars to sense when it’s dark enough and automatically make the brightest view forward. When a car is detected ahead, the car automatically switches the high beams off. This feature can help you when navigating dark and rural roads.

Lane Keep Assist

This feature takes lane-departure to the next level. It will subtly steer you back into the middle of the lane if it senses you drifting. Sometimes, these systems use subtle braking as well.

Blind-Spot Warning

This monitors your blind spots and alerts you to the presence of other cars. Should you try to make a lane change with someone in your blind spot, lights may flash and the car may provide an audible warning. This is a helpful system that ensures you do not steer into the path of others.

Automatic Emergency Braking

Should the driver not heed the audio and vision warnings, the car can apply the brakes automatically. Speeds at which the system operates depend on the car or version of the system. These have been proven to prevent or lessen the severity of crashes.

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