Optimizing Your Office Inventory

The Importance Of Listing Your Business Property

Suppose that a fire sweeps through your business. No, it is not an ideal scenario to consider, but preparing for the worst is the key to staying successful even in the face of disaster. If a fire burned down your building and destroyed all of your office equipment, you would be fine because your business insurance would kick in to protect you, right?

Correct. The issues arises, though, that you may not be able to think of every individual item that was destroyed in the fire. This could become problematic, as you have a definite amount of time in which you need to file your claim. If you think of that piece of expensive business equipment you rarely use but definitely need a month later, too bad.

How, then, do you ensure that your policy will offer protection for all of your business property? Fortunately, the answer is as simple as it is common sense- create an office inventory. List every item in your office—along with receipts, credit card statements, and appraisals showing its value—on your inventory. It may seem tedious at the time, but it will make filing a claim and getting the reimbursements your business needs to bounce back after a disaster a snap. Make sure you store your office inventory in multiple locations and/or digitally to protect it.

Should a disaster strike, your office inventory will do you no good unless you have the insurance coverage you need to kick in and replace every item on it. To get that high level of business insurance, paired with a high level of service, contact All Nevada Insurance. Our Las Vegas team is here to meet all of your Nevada commercial coverage needs. From guidance on creating your office inventory to support when it comes time to file your claim, call us today.