Do Millennials Need Life Insurance?

Do Millennials Need Life Insurance?

Reasons why millennials need life insurance coverage.  

Today, millennials, young adults (ages 18-30) face numerous financial challenges in addition to everything else they have to tackle – from confronting student loan debt to working out how to buy a home. As a result, many of them are waiting longer to buy life insurance.  However, it’s important to remember that no one is invincible, even though when we’re young and healthy, it’s easy to feel that way! For millennials who are healthy with no children and only a small amount of assets, there are still several valid reasons why you should consider purchasing a life insurance policy.

It offers protection. It’s not a pleasant situation to think about – the aftermath of your death – but you should at least have plans in place for it. Passing away could leave a family member or loved one financially struggling without your assistance or income. Life insurance provides a financial buffer for the people you care about in the event something happens to you.

Consider your cosigners. If someone co-signed for your student loan, such as your parents, it’s likely that the bank won’t discharge that debt upon your death. That means your parents, or others who signed the paperwork, would be responsible for paying the full balance. Life insurance can help to cover these costs so your loved ones aren’t saddled with the debt.

It’s more affordable when you’re young and healthy. You’ll never be younger than you are today, and it’s often the case of the younger we are, the healthier we are. Those are two important factors for getting affordable life insurance. You can lock in low rates by securing life insurance young!

You may need to supplement insurance provided by your employer. If you were lucky enough to land a good job with a great benefits package, you may already have a basic employer-sponsored group life insurance benefit plan. However, a simple policy may not cover every aspect of your needs. Talk to an insurer to discuss if you and your dependents could benefit from additional coverage.

Rest easy knowing you’re protected. Contact All Nevada Insurance for the quality life insurance that can be tailored to any generation!