Protect your Expensive Wedding Rings with a Jewelry Floater Insurance Policy

Contact your local All Nevada Insurance agent to make sure you have adequate coverage for your wedding rings. A wedding is a special event you remember for many years, and when you and your spouse exchange wedding rings, you declare your love and affection.

If your wedding rings have monetary values exceeding $1,000, you will probably need to own a  jewelry floater insurance policy in addition to your homeowners policy. If you need a floater policy, have your wedding rings appraised by a jewelry appraiser before you buy the policy.

However, if your wedding rings have values that are less than $1,000, your current homeowners insurance policy may provide enough coverage. Remember that insurance coverage for your wedding rings does not include normal, everyday wear and tear. You cannot receive replacement money for your wedding rings due to scratches incurred while cleaning your home.

Consequently, the best approach is to guard your wedding rings with care. Remove them when using your hands for cleaning, washing dirty dishes or even cooking dinner. For more information about insuring your wedding rings in the Las Vegas, Nevada, area, please contact All Nevada Insurance.