Turned Down? These Tips Can Help You Find — and Rent — a Great Home

Feeling discouraged because your rental application was turned down? Here are some tips to help you find a rental home where you’ll feel welcome:

1. Understand the landlord’s position. Renters want the best possible place to live. Landlords want tenants who will pay the rent reliably and on time. If your income indicates you’ll struggle with budget issues in a higher priced dwelling, landlords are unlikely to give you the nod.

2. Be ready and willing to pay up front. Make it clear to the landlord or rental agent that you can pay the security deposit, credit check, first months rent, parking fees and any other upfront costs before you move in.

3. Know your credit history and be prepared to explain any blemishes. If you have past rental defaults, you’ll probably have to face some tough questions. If you have other credit problems, explain how you are managing them.

4. Be open and honest. If you attempt to hide credit issues or misrepresent your financial status, you may lose a fair chance to rent the property you like, and may find that the landlord is unwilling to consider an application in the future after your financial status improves.

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