What Steps to Follow When Purchasing a Car From a Private Seller

It’s time to purchase a new car. While you normally purchase a vehicle from a dealership, this time you saw the perfect vehicle that was being sold by a private seller. You’ve never tried buying a car from the previous owner and are a bit worried that things might not go as planned.

You can have success buying a car from a private seller by using the following tips.

1: Always meet the private seller in a public place during the daytime. You don’t know the person and there are untrustworthy people who will try to rob you by saying they have a car for sale.

2: Check out the history of the car. There is no point taking a test drive of a vehicle that has hidden damage caused by things like a flood. Get a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) history report through the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. Also, get a CarFax vehicle history report.

3: Get the car inspected. Have a thorough inspection by a mechanic you trust before handing over any cash.

4: Test drive the vehicle. You should test drive it during the day and the night to make sure all equipment is running properly.

5: Ask for information about liens. Liens will prevent the car title to be transferred over into your name. The history reports will let you know about the lien but if the private seller denies that one exists, you may be in for a scam. Don’t hand the seller any check. Ask them to get a 15-day payoff from the bank lender and pay the lender directly, according to US News. This method will also ensure that the title will be in your name.

6: Negotiate a purchase price and complete the paperwork. Again, never hand over any money to the private seller until all the paperwork is completed. So ensure you have the title in your name and the registration is transferred before they get the check and you get the car keys.

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