What to Do If You Put Wrong Fuel in Your Tank

Wrong Fuel in Tank

Before you panic, here’s what to do when you put the wrong gas in your car.

It happens to the best of us. Perhaps you’re driving a car you’re not used to, or the pumps weren’t clearly marked at the petrol station, or you had a momentary lapse in concentration, putting the wrong fuel in your car is easy to do.

Once you’ve realized what you’ve done, whether at the pump or in a broken down car, here is exactly what to do before you begin to panic!

Don’t turn on your engine.

If you put diesel into a petrol car, the potential damage isn’t as severe, but it will still cause your engine to smoke a bit or run badly, so it’s best to get the diesel out as soon as possible. If your car normally runs on diesel, wrong petrol will act as a solvent, causing metal parts to grate against each other. Don’t turn on the engine if you can help it, and call a breakdown assistance service.

Calculate how much of the wrong fuel you’ve put in.

Although it’s usually best to drain all of the fuel from your tank when you use the wrong fuel pump, if you realize your mistake while you’re pumping, you may be able to get away with it. If the incorrect fuel takes up less than 10 percent of the tank capacity, you may be able to top up with the correct fuel and drive away. If you’re not sure, always get the entire tank drained.

Call for assistance.

This step is included in the above steps because it is so important! Calling your breakdown service to come and save the day is the best step to getting you back on the road as soon as possible. In addition, the reputable service means that you can prevent any further damage to your car.

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