Before You Buy: Car Purchasing Tips

How To Protect Yourself And Your Future New Car

So many people show up at the car dealership saying “Oh, we are just looking today!” only to drive off the lot in their new ride an hour later. So you do not end up one of those people in an impulse purchase without the coverage you need to protect it, consider these car buying tips.

  • Do Your Homework: Certain makes and models of vehicles will not just cost less at the car dealership, they will cost less in maintenance over the years and to cover with auto insurance. Research the vehicles you are interested in to ensure you do not end up buying one infamous for breakdowns or accidents.
  • Make A Call: If you are adding a new vehicle to your family’s fleet, do not assume that you have thirty days to get the coverage you need. Your car will likely only be protected if you are trading in your previous vehicle for the new car. Either way, call your insurance agent in advance so you can be protected from the moment you drive off the lot.
  • Ask Questions: When you are at the dealership, ask plenty of questions about the safety features that your potential vehicle could come with. Then, give your agent a call and ask about them. While some safety features can help drive your premiums down because they safeguard your car, others are more costly to replace or complex to repair, making your potential vehicle more risky (i.e. more expensive) to insure.

Is your insurance agent coming alongside you during the car buying process so you can get the auto insurance you need to protect your new car? For great service and great coverage, contact All Nevada Insurance in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada. Do not leave your pricey purchase unprotected; call us today!