Prepping Your RV For The Season—And Road—Ahead

Is Your Recreational Vehicle Ready For The Summer?

You likely did not take your RV out on the road very often this winter, so it is important to do a little maintenance on it to restore it after months of sitting. Getting your RV ready for your summer adventures will not take too much of your time, but it will ensure that you do not hit any roadblocks as you head out. Here are a few ways you can prep your RV so it will be ready for the road ahead.

  • Perform A Basic Auto Inspection: Your RV is a vehicle, and consequently needs to be maintained in the same way. Check the brake pads, test that brake lights and turn signals are working properly, check your tire pressure and be sure that the tread depth is not too shallow.
  • Spring Clean: While your RV is a vehicle, it is also a living space. Consequently, you should give it the same attention you give your home when it comes to deep cleaning to shake off the dust of winter. Throw your cleaning supplies into a bucket and bring them out to your RV to get it sparkling for summer.
  • Refill Fluids: Drain out the antifreeze from the holding tank and turn off the water heater bypass. Then, according to the manufacturer’s directions, refill the water and propane tanks. While you fill, open the hot and cold water faucet leaks to let the air escape as the tanks fill. Check for leaks.

A crucial component of getting your RV ready for the season ahead is making sure it has the coverage it needs so your adventures will never become stressful. For that kind of protection, contact All Nevada Insurance. Located in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada, we are here to help you get the RV insurance you need to protect your summer travels.