Back to School: Update Your Child’s Auto Insurance

It’s back to school time and for parents, that means more than ensuring their child has all of their supplies and books. Whether your child is in high school or in college, if they are driving it is definitely time to update their auto insurance policy.

For high school students who drive the family car, or even those who have their own car, they are likely on your insurance policy. To maintain the same monthly premium or possibly lower the premium, ask your agent about possible discounts. Many insurers offer good driver programs that lower monthly premiums and many also offer discounts for good grades or for being on the honor roll. If your child has not been involved in an accident or has not had any traffic violations, and they also have maintained good grades, it’s time to lower your bill.

The same can be done with college students. Some insurers allow students living on-campus to remain on their parent’s policy. If this is the case, check to see if the same discounts are available to them.

For more information on what to do to update your child’s auto insurance, visit the All Nevada Insurance Blog.