Prepping Your Boat For The Summer

Is Your Boat Ready For A Season On The Water?

The warmer weather is fast approaching, and there is no better time than now to prepare your boat to get out on the water. Rather than waiting until you will have to break a serious sweat to get your boat water-worthy, why not start getting ready now so it will be ready to head straight to the lake once it gets truly hot? To help you prepare your boat, consider these steps.

  • De-Winterize: After months of sitting unused, odds are high the fuel in your tank has broken down and some parts of your boat are experiencing corrosion. Schedule a tune-up with a certified engine technician now, as their schedules can get full closer to summer.
  • Water Pump: The rubber impellers your boat’s water pump uses to maintain the proper engine temperature need to be replaced every 200 hours or 2 years. You can check that yours are still going strong by making sure water is still circulating as it should through your motor. While you are at it, test that the thermostats that ensure your engine has the right temperature of water are reading accurately.
  • Fluids & Filters: Check your oil reservoir and your gear oil. Replace your fuel filters once a year or every 100 miles. The start of each season is a great time to replace this filter each year, so you will not forget allowing ethanol, which acts as a solvent, to build up in your engine.

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