Prepare Your Business from the Most Common Types of Insurance Claims

Common Types of Insurance Claims

Common insurance claims that hinder businesses.

Even if your business has all the necessary insurance plans in place, are you doing your best to prevent property crimes, damage, and loss? Protecting your business comes easy with insurance policies, but safeguarding it to prevent accidents comes with safe habits and practices.

Check some of the top insurance claims that businesses file, and how to prevent these threats to your business!

Burglary and theft:

  • Put lights on timers: Set up a system where different room lights are turned on each night, keeping the perception of consistent late-night workers. Burglars are less inclined to break in if they think someone is there.
  • Hide it away: Blinds or remote tinted windows offer an excellent deterrent for spontaneous theft and break-ins.


  • Install equipment: Maintain and install an automatic fire alarm that alerts the fire department when smoke is detected.
  • Unplug: Disconnect equipment when not in use and never overload sockets with plugs.

Water damage:

  • Assess flood risk: In heavy rain, where does water pool around the building? Are you located near a water source? Once you’ve determined your flood risk, you can assess what steps to take to prevent water damage.
  • Insulate exterior pipes: When pipes freeze, they can burst. Always wrap exposed and exterior pipes with insulation to prevent them from freezing in the first place.

Customer slips:

  • Clear the clutter: Ensure that your team looks after the work environment by putting away items when not in use, tying up loose cables, and clearing up spills as soon as they occur.
  • Review General Liability Insurance: This coverage can help you to pay for a loss that may arise from a slip and fall in the workplace.

Vehicle accidents:

  • Maintain vehicle health: Give the business vehicles tune-ups frequently, such as changing the oil regularly, checking the fluids, and renewing tires and brake pads. If the car is operating smoothly, it may lower the chance of an accident.
  • Be wary of weather: If the weather gets so bad that the driver’s comfort levels lower, ensure that they know how to drive safely in inclement conditions. When the road conditions are bad, the chances of accidents increase.

While adapting to new, safe habits can be a challenge, insurance can be made easy. Contact All Nevada Insurance in Las Vegas to find out how to acquire the right commercial insurance to suit your business’s needs, vehicles, and risks, all at the right price.