Course and Scope for Worker’s Compensation

Every state in the United States requires businesses to carry a worker’s compensation insurance policy. Worker’s compensation can protect both the business and employees in case of an accident that happens while on the job.

Worker’s compensation insurance will provide coverage for many different situations, including:

  • Medical expenses that are related to the injury.
  • Lost income or wages during the recovery time of an accident.
  • Rehabilitation costs for the injury that is sustained while at work.
  • Survivor death benefits if the employee were to die due to an accident at work.

Not every injury while on the job qualifies for a worker’s compensation claim. There are certain course and scope rules that the injury has to arise of out in order to qualify. These rules are:

  1. The employee was injured while engaging in an activity the benefits the employer.
  2. The injury occurred while onsite of the employer’s location, or a location that was reasonably expected or mandated by the employer.
  3. The cause of the injury was related to the work that is done by the employee of a certain occupation.

While there are many situations that fall under these three rules, there are also more details to look at to determine how much coverage an employee will receive. If the employee was under the influence of drugs or alcohol when an injury occurred, even if it met all three rules, the coverage may be lowered or even denied completely. Each claim has to be properly researched to ensure it meets all of the requirements of a worker’s compensation claim.

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