Beyond General Liability

While general liability insurance provides protection for a business against most situations, it is usually not enough. There are many coverage options that come with a general liability insurance policy including:

  • Bodily injury – will provide coverage for the medical costs that are associated with a person’s injury, including medical bills.
  • Property damage – will provide coverage for the physical damage of another person’s property, or the loss of use of property.
  • Products liability – will provide coverage for your business against any lawsuits that are associated with a product related injury or accident.
  • Products-completed operations – will provide protection from damages and legal expenses if an injury is resulted from a service your company provided, or something that they made.

There are many other liability insurance options to choose from to ensure your business is protected in any situation, including:

  • Pollution liability – will provide protection relating to claims involving the release or exposure to pollutants, whether it is on company property.
  • Cyber liability and data breach – will provide coverage for both 1st and 3rd party expenses that are related to the costs of notifying customers of a data breach, lawsuits, and other issues associated with a cyber-attack.
  • Employment practices liability – will protect a business from expenses related to employee allegations of improper firing, hiring, harassment, or discrimination.
  • Worker’s compensation – provides coverage for employee injuries and disease that is required by law in the United States.
  • Professional liability – provides coverage for claims that are the result of defective plans, work, designs, or services.

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