Halloween Safety Tips For Your Four-Legged Friends

Your dog can enjoy Halloween in Las Vegas, NV with these safety tips.

Halloween doesn’t only have to be fun for those with two legs, your four-legged friends can also get in on all the fun! No matter if your dog is dressing up as a furry pumpkin or simply heading out on their evening walk while you go trick or treating, keeping your pet safe should be your first priority. Keep these Halloween safety tips for pets in mind while celebrating the holiday.

  • If you are dressing up your pet, make sure to keep an eye on them at all times while they are wearing their costume. Make sure the costume fits properly and does not bother their breathing, hearing, or eyesight.
  • Keep all Halloween treats away from your pooch. Chocolate and most other treats can be very harmful, or even deadly for dogs. If you want to give your dog a special treat, head to your local pet shop and see what Halloween goodies they are offering.
  • Children who are dressed up in costumes can easily frighten dogs, especially when they are loud and excited. Make sure to use extra caution when your dog is around children to ensure nothing goes wrong.
  • If you are taking your dog trick or treating with you, make sure that they are on a leash. Everything that is going on can cause even typically well-behaved dogs to act aggressively.
  • Bring your dog inside on Halloween night so that they can feel safe. Pranksters are known to use Halloween as a night to throw eggs or perform other acts of vandalism, and bringing your dog inside can help to make sure that they are not scared by any of these tricks.

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