Avoid Food Borne Illnesses This Thanksgiving With These Tips

Use these food safety tips when cooking your Thanksgiving dinner.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, preparing early can help to ensure that you are ready for the holiday. From the shopping for all of the ingredients you need for your secret family turkey recipe to designing the perfect centerpiece, the sooner you start planning, the smoother the holiday will go. Following proper food-handling procedures can help to make sure that everyone can fully enjoy your delicious Thanksgiving dinner. Keep these Thanksgiving food safety tips to protect your loved ones.


Starting with a clean kitchen and clean hands will set the stage for safe food handling. Clean and sanitize your sink and any surfaces you will be working on and utensils that you will be using. Wash your hands and utensils with soap and warm water after handling raw meat to prevent any cross contamination.


Refrigerate or freeze raw poultry in a leak-proof bag as soon as you bring it home. Don’t thaw poultry at room temperature. Instead, thaw it in cold water or the refrigerator. Don’t rinse off poultry before cooking to prevent bacteria from spreading when water splashes.


Cook all poultry until the internal temperature of the thickest part of the thigh or breast reaches 180 degrees. Cook stuffing separately in the oven or on your stovetop to help it and the poultry cook thoroughly.


Leftovers should be refrigerated within two hours of cooking. While cooked poultry can be eaten cold, if you are reheating it, make sure the meat reaches a temperature of at least 165 degrees.

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