Important Tips When Buying Homeowner’s Insurance

Protecting your home with insurance is crucial, however not all insurance policies are the same.

Comparison shopping for a policy that covers what you need

Most homeowner’s policies cover damage to your property and your possessions in the event of certain storms, fire, theft or vandalism, liability if someone gets hurt on your property and protection against theft. However, if you live in a area with natural disasters like floods, you will need extra insurance specific to that type of disaster.

How and when to process claims

Most insurance companies prefer that you file a claim right away to get the best replacement value and service. Write everything down and keep all receipts for proof should you need it. It is worth your time to call and find out if your insurance company will cover damage even if you don’t think it will.

Jewelry May Need Extra Insurance

Jewelry is easily lost or stolen and may not be completely covered on your policy. Double check the amount of coverage that you have for jewelry.

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