Beat Bike Thieves With These Tips

Use These Guidelines To Protect Your Motorcycle

Some of the beauties of owning a motorcycle are its lightweight build making it possible to zip around traffic, compact size making it easy to store, and open design enabling you to feel the fresh air around you. Unfortunately, all of those factors also make it easier for thieves to nab your bike. To protect your motorcycle, use these theft prevention tips:

  • Know Your Risk: Only half as many stolen motorcycles are returned to their owners as stolen cars, so it is important to know when a thief is most likely to try to make off with your bike. Summer months (July through September) are statistically the most popular time for motorcycle thieves to be active. Be especially diligent during this season.
  • Park Smart: Use the small size of your bike to defeat thieves. When you park in a parking garage, find a large vehicle or pillar to tuck your bike behind to conceal it. Similarly, when you park on the street look for large objects to hide your bike behind.
  • Lock It Down: When you leave your bike, do everything you can to safeguard it. Lock your ignition, your disc brakes, and your forks. Additionally, lock your bike to a firmly rooted, immovable object and wrap your locks tightly. This will make it hard for thieves to worm their way in to cut your locks. Utilizing these protections will make thieves think twice before even attempting to steal your motorcycle.

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