Uber Shut Down in Nevada

State Law Has Shut Down Uber Operations in Nevada

Uber is one of the fastest growing companies. Operating in more than 200 cities across the country, it is no wonder that the company made its way to Nevada. However, the taxi companies in the Las Vegas area were not pleased with this move and fought back, leading Nevada to be the first state to shut down Uber operations.

Uber was suspended in Las Vegas on November 26, 2014 during the influx of visitors for the Thanksgiving weekend. A Nevada Judge in Washoe County District issued an injunction that prevented Uber from operating throughout the state. The shutdown came just a month after Uber started providing services in Nevada, with the first ride taken the “The Killers” front man, Brandon Flowers.

Almost immediately after the service opened, the Nevada Transportation Authority and Nevada Taxicab Authority fought back against Uber with injections that allowed police agencies to arrest Uber drivers and impound their cars for operating in the state. There were more than 50 incidents that were recorded of drivers being arrested in the Reno and Las Vegas areas.

The transportation lobbies in Las Vegas have long been blamed for standing in the way of more efficient public transportation methods from the McCarran International Airport to the Strip, (unofficially of course). Since Uber defines itself as a technology company instead of a transportation company, it allows them to bypass transportation regulations. However, state regulators are claiming that Uber drivers are acting as unlicensed and illegal carriers. Even though Uber says that they thoroughly investigate all of their drivers and require them to carry company provided auto insurance, state regulations have stricter requirements.

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