What is different about classic car insurance?

Many passionate motorists in the Las Vegas, NV, area invest in classic cars. While appropriate insurance coverage for a classic vehicle is recommended, it is important to understand some differences between coverage on classic cars and standard auto insurance. 

Here are a few important differences between classic car insurance and standard auto insurance. All Nevada Insurance Inc. agents can help set up a policy and answer any additional questions. 

The car’s value

The insurance company will need to agree on the vehicle’s value with the policyholder. Factors such as a car’s rarity and market value at the time may be considered, while these are generally not important in standard auto insurance policies. This negotiated value is important in case of a total loss due to an accident. 

How much the car is used

With classic car insurance in Las Vegas, NV, there are various restrictions on how often and when a car can be used. This is in contrast to standard auto insurance, where there is an expectation that a car will be used regularly for things like commuting to work and errands. Certain types of uses may even be restricted under a policy. 

Other coverage options

Classic car insurance from All Nevada Insurance Inc. may include coverage for various items that are not in a standard auto policy. Owners may want to cover the costs of repairs, part replacements, and other sudden problems that can be expensive or difficult to fix on a classic car. Restorations can also be expensive, but certain policies may cover this process.