Tips To Keep Your Kids As Safe As Possible This Halloween

Halloween is a great holiday for all ages but some parents tend to get nervous around Halloween time because of the many dangers it can pose to younger children. There’s no need to fear, your kids can still get their Halloween thrills and you can make sure they’re safe in the process with these Halloween safety tips!

  • Make trick or treating at night safer by using reflective tape on your kid’s costumes. Make sure to supply your kids with a flashlight and have them walk instead of run from house to house. Instruct your kids and their friends to stay on the sidewalk facing traffic while trick or treating.
  • Avoid trick or treating accidents by checking to make sure that every part of the costume fits well and isn’t blocking your child’s vision. Make sure nothing is dangling that could result in your child tripping or falling. All costume accessories should be flexible, short, and soft to avoid any accidents.
  • Your kid may want their costume to look as real as possible, but as a parent their safety should be your priority. Check the makeup your child is using to avoid any rashes or skin irritations and avoid any possible eye irritation that could result from decorative contacts.
  • Keep your kids safe while trick or treating by only allowing them to enter homes that are well lit and owned by adults that you trust. Instruct your kids to stay away from dark houses and to never accept rides home from strangers.
  • Check the treats your kids get to make sure there are no choking hazards and that nothing has been tampered with. Steer clear of any homemade looking treats and make sure all candies are unopened.

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