Who Covers Your Golf Cart? Your Specialized Recreational Insurance Needs

In Las Vegas, NV, our All Nevada Insurance Inc. team gets creative sometimes to help our valued customers stay protected even if they’re enjoying an exotic lifestyle, such as living on a golf course or at an air park with access to an airfield. With golfing or flying a short distance from their homes, they might use golf carts or similar "low-speed" transportation to get around. Safe as they may seem, insurance and liability issues are always worth considering. A combination of significant assets and moving vehicles makes our insurance experts sit up and take notice so that we can help these customers with appropriate insurance protection and advice. For instance, did you know that you can get a DUI while at the wheel of your golf cart? Likewise, you can also face significant liability from operating recreational equipment, depending on the situation. Let us help you enjoy your unique lifestyle with the right coverage!

Covering Recreational Equipment As Well

Unique living arrangements can bring new considerations in addition to the vehicles used. Liability for damage to houses near the golf course should be considered, as well as risks for damaging your home. Don’t forget coverage for your clubs, which can often be worth thousands and, even if irreplaceable, should still have coverage in case they’re lost or stolen. Let us also help you with airpark-related insurance so you can fly confidently. At All Nevada Insurance Inc., our clients rely on us to think ahead and help them have fun while they relax and enjoy their Las Vegas, NV specialty home. Reach out to our team of experts, and you’ll see the difference our insurance experience and local knowledge can make for your lifestyle!